goof up

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1. Slang. One deficient in judgment and good sense:
Informal: dope, gander, goose.
2. Slang. A stupid, clumsy mistake:
Informal: blooper, boner.
Slang: bloomer.
Slang. To pass time without working or in avoiding work.Also used with off:
bum (around), idle, laze, loaf, loiter, lounge, shirk.
Slang: diddle, goldbrick.
phrasal verb
goof up
Slang. To harm irreparably through inept handling; make a mess:
Informal: bollix up, muck up.
Idiom: make a muck of.

w>goof up

vt sep (inf)vermasseln (inf), → vermurksen (inf)
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The girls are resourceful, caring, and courageous while still being teenagers who make mistakes, laugh too loud, get crushes, and just plain goof up.
While goof ups can prove fatal, a successful mission can earn anywhere between `50,000 and `70,000 per packet.
I think there will be a situation where Kapil Sharma' show will take a beating, as if the television shows Rahul's goof ups then you will get all the entertainment," Modi said.