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Verb1.goof-proof - proof against human misuse or error; "foolproof this appliance"
proof - make resistant (to harm); "proof the materials against shrinking in the dryer"
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Its 12 attachment guards will help achieve goof-proof haircuts, as well as quick touchups.
Benefit's goof-proof makeup is perfect for the low-key girl in your life as well as for the inexperienced makeup newbie.
Goof-Proof eyebrow pencil PS18.50 features a custom, non-sharpen tip, soft colour and a glide-on formula for easy and fast brow filling.
This goof-proof new mobile app takes the user through a Guided Tour of photo templates that ensures consistency and repeatability across multiple vehicles and properties.
The trickiest part of the job--positioning the posts--is almost goof-proof with simple plywood plates (see Photo 3).
"Doc" McClenny shoots Cowboy Action with his '73s, and the Cowboy Action folks already know this, but here's what I quickly learned and understood: The 1873 Winchester may be the fastest and most goof-proof of all lever actions.
A: Goof-proof your job search with a free online management tool.
By offering the customer an "all-in-one kit" or an essentials-themed kit, you are offering them a goof-proof solution that addresses their needs and concerns.
* Get the net: Gaffs are great tools in the hands of experienced crew, but if you're running the boat and relying on a guest to help land a big fish, a good net is just about goof-proof. Some fish must be released if they are "too big," and others are just plain dangerous.
"Basically Cowboy Steak is a goof-proof steak," said Gregg Oakley, sales and marketing manager at Orillia, Ontario, Canada-based Leadbetter Foods.
No such products exist for engineers looking to goof-proof their designs, Beckmann said.