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gook 1

 (go͝ok, go͞ok)
Variant of guck.

gook 2

n. Offensive Slang
Used as a disparaging term for a person of East Asian birth or descent.

[Perhaps alteration of earlier goo-goo, native inhabitant of the Philippines, Pacific islander.]


(ɡʊk; ɡuːk)
1. slang a derogatory word for a person from a Far Eastern country
2. informal a messy sticky substance; muck
[C20: of uncertain origin]


(gʊk, guk)

[1950–55; variant of guck]



usage: This term is a slur and should be avoided. It was used esp. during the Vietnam War to refer to North Vietnamese soldiers, although it has also referred to other nonwhites or non-Americans. It is used with disparaging intent and is perceived as highly insulting.
Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive. (a contemptuous term used to refer to a native of a country of E Asia or Oceania, esp. Vietnam.)
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Noun1.gook - any thick, viscous mattergook - any thick, viscous matter    
matter - that which has mass and occupies space; "physicists study both the nature of matter and the forces which govern it"
sapropel - sludge (rich in organic matter) that accumulates at the bottom of lakes or oceans
2.gook - (slang) a disparaging term for an Asian person (especially for North Vietnamese soldiers in the Vietnam War)
derogation, disparagement, depreciation - a communication that belittles somebody or something
jargon, lingo, patois, argot, vernacular, slang, cant - a characteristic language of a particular group (as among thieves); "they don't speak our lingo"
Oriental, oriental person - a member of an Oriental race; the term is regarded as offensive by Asians (especially by Asian Americans)


[guːk] N (US) (pej) → asiático/a m/f
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The visitors' Dong Gook Lee and Albion's Neil Clement had also failed from 12 yards after the replay ended all square after 90 minutes and extra time.
In the wackiest moment in The Joy of Baldness, Sandomir describes the "hair farmer" who believes that an hour with her gook on a bare scalp can raise all the hairs screaming to get out from under!
Roger Gook, Celoxica's university program manager, commented, "Our agreement with CMC advances the worldwide roll-out of our latest ESL design solutions to key academic centres of research excellence.
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MIDDLESBROUGH boss Gareth Southgate has vowed not to gamble on playing new signing Dong Gook Lee too soon.
Every night for nearly a week, Northridge resident Don Gorden has gone outside with a coffee can full of dog food and dripped the smelly gook in a beeline for a coyote trap on his front lawn.
Nobody wants to hear a whole list of gobbledy gook before they are transferred to a live person.
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LEE Dong Gook has insisted he is better prepared to succeed in English football with Middlesbrough than he was for his ill-fated spell in Germany, writes JACK PICKERING.
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