gooney bird

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gooney bird

1. (Animals) an informal name for the albatross, esp the black-footed albatross (Diomedea nigripes)
[C19 gony (originally sailors' slang), probably from dialect gooney fool, of obscure origin; compare goon]


(or goon′y) bird`,

2. Slang. a foolish or awkward person or thing; goon.
[1940–45; see goon]
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Noun1.gooney bird - a variety of albatross with black feetgooney bird - a variety of albatross with black feet
mollymawk, albatross - large web-footed birds of the southern hemisphere having long narrow wings; noted for powerful gliding flight
genus Diomedea - type of the Diomedeidae
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How an unarmed gooney bird successfully took out an armed fighter demanded an explanation.
Tango events by nature are highly improvisational and when a group gets together for a Costume Milonga, or, dance event, you can expect the unexpected, such as every manner of extravagant costume from Margarette Meade to Jack Sparrow, to Ben Franklin, to Rumplestiltskin, to Gooney Bird, and even Walt Disney himself (well, his likeness)," says Jim Hughes a student at Hartford Argentine Tango.
Using the drama of the Thanksgiving pageant as background, we are treated to another episode in the delightful world of Gooney Bird Greene.
Fans of Clementine and Gooney Bird Greene will love the sweet, low-stress, old-fashioned tale of a Lower East Side tenement family coping with stray neighborhood kitties, a mean old neighbor and a frightened, newly arrived cousin from the old country.
The typical Gooney Bird mission was transporting troops and supplies from Aden to India.
Advanced elementary to early middle school readers will relish Lois Lowry's Gooney Bird And The Room Mother (06-18532307, $15.
Appropriately located next to the Kalamazoo Airport, the Air Zoo is an attraction populated with such exotic aircraft such as the Flying Tiger, Sopwith Camel, Gooney Bird, and Tin Goose, as well as the Wildcat, Hellcat, Tigercat and Bearcat.
I'm the gooney bird that walked to the bank," he said.