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n. Chiefly British
A fish-eating duck (Mergus merganser), the male of which has a glossy greenish-black head and a white body.

[Perhaps goose + -ander (possibly as in obsolete and dialectal bergander, sheldrake); probably akin to Old Norse önd and Old High German anut, duck.]


(Animals) a common merganser (a duck), Mergus merganser, of Europe and North America, having a dark head and white body in the male
[C17: probably from goose1 + Old Norse önd (genitive andar) duck]


(mərˈgæn sər)

n., pl. -sers, (esp. collectively) -ser.
any of several fish-eating diving ducks of the genera Mergus and Lophodytes, having a narrow bill serrated at the edges.
Also called goosander.
[1745–55; < New Latin, = Latin merg(us) kind of aquatic bird (compare mergere to plunge, immerse) + ānser goose]
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Noun1.goosander - common merganser of Europe and North Americagoosander - common merganser of Europe and North America
genus Mergus, Mergus - mergansers
fish duck, merganser, sawbill, sheldrake - large crested fish-eating diving duck having a slender hooked bill with serrated edges


[guːˈsændəʳ] nsmergo maggiore
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He also claimed farming practices, including use of chemicals, and not restricting populations of cormorants and goosanders, posed more of a threat to fish stocks than rod and line anglers.
03 Contract Award Notice (below OJEU threshold) or call off from a framework (any value): The tenderer will be required to analyse the stomach contents of between 144 to maximum 158 goosanders and of between 144 to maximum 158 cormorants during the period of the contract
When I spotted the family of goosanders on the Tees, the mother bird caught a rather large fish which took several minutes to swallow.
A lot of goosanders are native birds in the North West.
The University of Birmingham clock tower as viewed through the back of one of the new benches in the new "Green Heart" of the campus, by Damien Walmsley These goosanders are literally running down the River Trent as they are flightless after moulting.
Once a vibrant eco-system, it has been abandoned by the wildlife, kingfishers, otters swans, goosanders, the visiting colony of sandmartins, cormorants and wagtails.
If the ospreys are currently plundering the waters of Africa, there are herons, cormorants, otters, goosanders and now kingfishers to ensure that fish of any and every size are pursued.
The Angling Trust, of which many of our local clubs are members, has launched the "Cormorant Watch 2" website, and are asking for our help as anglers, to register sightings of cormorants and goosanders.
The Tywi valley is but one of many in Wales overrun by cormorants and goosanders, which eat their own bodyweight of juvenile salmon and sea trout on a weekly basis.
As well as an open forum session other items on the agenda include fisheries enforcement and the volunteer bailiff service by Giles Evans, Angling Trust regional enforcement manager and a talk entitled protecting your waters from cormorants and goosanders will be given by Richard Bamforth, Angling Trust fisheries management advisor.
RSPCA chiefs said goosanders are large ducks, found in many rivers and lakes in the UK.
Goosanders, or common mergansers, have an appearance which reflects their predatory lifestyle.