goose bump

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Noun1.goose bump - reflex erection of hairs of the skin in response to cold or emotional stress or skin irritation
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I watched Jerry Goldsmith, my favorite goose bump film composer, do an interview about his Star Trek scores.
The ball features a new PSC- Texture(tm) 'goose bump' surface, which consists of a sophisticated and extremely fine structure on the ball's outer skin that guarantees optimum grip between ball and boot.
And the Ukraine - whose fashion doesn't usually get this much exposure - isn't really known for its scorching weather either, leaving the svelte model with a goose bump or two.
FROM the insane adrenaline rush to goose bumps on my arms to my heartbeat pounding as fast as possible, the last six runs from the double and the four which took the match to the super over - lady luck was with the English cricket team.
Scientists have discovered something about goose bumps that could pave the way for a solution to hair loss. 
When the eight-division world champion prayed over him over the phone Friday night, Ancajas was so moved that he felt goose bumps.
Dela Rosa was seen fighting back tears during a ceremony held at Camp Crame while a video was played showing the exchange of fire between government troops and Maute militants."I get goose bumps.
NOEL Gallagher has revealed how performing the Oasis track Don't Look Back In Anger since the Manchester Arena bombing almost gives him goose bumps.
So powerful is the last chapter it left me emotionally charged with skin tingling goose bumps.
Whenever a good tune is created, the creative satisfaction (that one derives from it) or the yardstick for judging how good it is is whether it gives you goose bumps. Well, listening to this Hanuman Chalisa gives me goose bumps".
goose bumps Goose bumps are a remnant of our evolutionary ancestors.