goose down

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Noun1.goose down - down of the goosegoose down - down of the goose      
goose - web-footed long-necked typically gregarious migratory aquatic birds usually larger and less aquatic than ducks
down, down feather - soft fine feathers
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It will also allow the company to continue to innovate in fabric technology, which to date has seen the introduction of market firsts such as water-repellent goose down in its insulated jackets and the use of soft and ultra-warm Himalayan yak wool in its base layers.
The bedroom is a haven that should boast all the comforts in the world from a fluffy goose down duvet to pretty table lamps and sweet smelling candles.
This lightweight sleeping bag is filled with ethically-sourced goose down. I get cold easily, so I wear a layer of merino in less than 8[degrees]C, which keeps me warm.
The jacket is stuffed with ethically sourced 850-fill "power" goose down.
Luxurious touches include a Hypnos bed with goose down bedding, huge walk-in shower and bath in the front of a bay window to soak up those glorious views.
Once you slip them on you are completely incapacitated and simple things like signing a bank form, smoking a cigarette or trying to hold the door open for someone becomes a major task as you try to work the fingers somewhere deep beneath the goose down where they are nicely sung and toasty.
The fiber itself boasts incredible softness, which may be why Simard named the production segment of his company "Silk of America." Milkweed's thermal insulation properties are virtually identical to those of goose down or synthetic alternatives, and thanks to its extreme lightness, it actually outperforms both on a by-weight basis--all this from a material that's both natural and cruelty-free.
The Bird decorative pillow features a handembroidered design with a fill of white goose down and feathers.
small, and that chair is full of goose down. There is a book about ducks
The XV may not be as cosseting as a goose down quilt but it will out perform all-comers should you decide to go into the field looking for your own feather donors