goose grease

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Noun1.goose grease - grease derived from geese
animal oil - any oil obtained from animal substances
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"You was right," said the Swiss; "goose grease is kood with basdry."
It was not over yet, Jurgis learned--he heard Ona crying still; and meantime Madame Haupt removed her bonnet and laid it on the mantelpiece, and got out of her bag, first an old dress and then a saucer of goose grease, which she proceeded to rub upon her hands.
"Take up thy club and defend thyself, fellow, for I will not only beat thee but I will take from thee thy money and leave thee not so much as a clipped groat to buy thyself a lump of goose grease to rub thy cracked crown withal.
Eating goose grease with molasses or gargling with coal oil soothed sore throats wracked by coughing.
She also smeared my body with goose grease. I went downhill very fast after that.
I was brought up in the country and I have seen my father put goose grease on his feet in the bad weather to keep them warm."
Goose grease: "Rubbed on your chest and covered with brown paper for coughs.
Bill, fatigued by his efforts, was asked to again smear himself in goose grease and act as if he was just setting out.
If We had the croup, Mamie instructed our mother to rub our chest with goose grease, if it was available, or Vick s salve if it wasn't, and lay a hot flannel cloth over it.
It's A Knockout BBC and ITV (1966-2001) THIS was like an early forerunner to the formation of the European Union, had the Maastricht Treaty been formulated by people in inflatable sumo outfits carrying buckets of water across a bouncy castle slathered in goose grease.
Having had a fabulous goose for lunch on Christmas Day, I was inevitably left with pots of goose grease or fat.
For nearly 50 years a hardy band of souls (that's nutcases to you and me) have stripped down to their smalls, smothered themselves in goose grease and managed to catch pneumonia in time for the Queen's Speech.