goose grease

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Noun1.goose grease - grease derived from geese
animal oil - any oil obtained from animal substances
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I was brought up in the country and I have seen my father put goose grease on his feet in the bad weather to keep them warm.
Bill, fatigued by his efforts, was asked to again smear himself in goose grease and act as if he was just setting out.
It's A Knockout BBC and ITV (1966-2001) THIS was like an early forerunner to the formation of the European Union, had the Maastricht Treaty been formulated by people in inflatable sumo outfits carrying buckets of water across a bouncy castle slathered in goose grease.
Many years ago, men of the parish rubbed goose grease on their torsos and 'rode' the mound every Christmas.
Having had a fabulous goose for lunch on Christmas Day, I was inevitably left with pots of goose grease or fat.
For nearly 50 years a hardy band of souls (that's nutcases to you and me) have stripped down to their smalls, smothered themselves in goose grease and managed to catch pneumonia in time for the Queen's Speech.
When La Parton stepped into the spotlight at the Magna Museum of industrial heritage, she was acknowledging the fact that this poor town on the Rivers Don and Dearne was the English equivalent of the po' white trash Smokey Mountain shack ghetto in which she spent her childhood, rubbing goose grease into her bosom.
Dodge fruit and veg and rub goose grease on your wobbly bits.
She swore by a slather of goose grease for a sore chest.
Eighty-year-old Arthur Williams rubs goose grease on his chest whenever he feels ill, also mixing it with vinegar to create a powerful antidote to chest ailments.
Simpson, advised mother to always keep a jar of goose grease on hand.
Grandfather showed him how to make old fashioned country medicines using herbs, and binding them with goose grease or lard from the pig fat.