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Noun1.goose pimple - reflex erection of hairs of the skin in response to cold or emotional stress or skin irritation
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and the dog is off the leash, and every goose pimple
You'd hope that by now I would have learnt from all of my previous experiences, but, no, here I was again, sat on a barstool in the White Lion, with legs crossed to try to tone down the effects of my vivacious, va-va-voom, racy, raunchy, perhaps risquA, ruby red dress that clung to every goose pimple.
At the same time, the whole follicle is raised to form what is commonly known as a "goose pimple." In order to combat the cold, the hairs create a blanket of warm, still air around the body, similar to a bird that fluffs its feathers on a cold day.
Autumn nights, the leafless trees are silent-- I wake to the sound of rivers changing course, going north: it's the sound of car tires on a wet road, or the sound of a woman in the shower, it's one of those confusing things like flying-- the higher you get, the colder it gets, moving closer to the sun, the skin begins to contract, to reserve body heat, the flesh begins to goose pimple, you think perhaps this wouldn't be happening if you were wearing a hat, perhaps this wouldn't be happening if you'd listened to your mother.
Every tear, every shudder, every goose pimple. It's almost like you inherit her breath, her heartbeat.
"I'm not that cold - I'm quite warm really," says Mrs Wadrop, who to the naked eye appears to be sporting a tattoo but not a single goose pimple.
Willie Musson enjoys his first success as a trainer when Shantogan (Liam Fogarty) takes the juvenile hurdle at Plumpton from Goose Pimple (Tom Marshall/Colin Brown).
Even though the calendar claimed it was mid-July, the chill in the air was more than enough to hatch a fresh batch of goose pimples on my arms.
I've got goose pimples thinking I'm on the same pedestal with the names on that list and a member of the famous hundred club.
One of our judges said he got 'goose pimples just sitting at the bar watching them work'.
'This public meeting must have [given] goose pimples [to] some opponents who are busy in intrigues against us,' he remarked.
The former governor portrayed the emotional revelation as it was being relayed on Saturday during the staff presentation, saying it drew goose pimples out of listeners in the scorching sun.