goosefoot family

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goose′foot fam`ily

a plant family, Chenopodiaceae, of shrubs and nonwoody plants with simple leaves, small petalless flowers, and tiny, dry fruit.
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Noun1.goosefoot family - includes spinach and beets
caryophylloid dicot family - family of relatively early dicotyledonous plants including mostly flowers
Caryophyllales, Chenopodiales, order Caryophyllales, order-Chenopodiales - corresponds approximately to the older group Centrospermae
Chenopodium, genus Chenopodium - goosefoot; pigweed
Atriplex, genus Atriplex - orach; saltbush
genus Beta, Beta - beets
Cycloloma, genus Cycloloma - a caryophyllaceous genus of the family Chenopodiaceae
genus Halogeton - a caryophyllaceous genus of the family Chenopodiaceae
genus Salsola, Salsola - chiefly Old World herbs or shrubs: saltworts
genus Sarcobatus, Sarcobatus - one species: greasewood
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[USPRwire, Tue Jul 30 2019] Introduction: Quinoa is a member of the goosefoot family of flowering plants, also referred to as Chenopodiaceous.
The basic families include the cabbage family (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, radishes and turnips); cucumber family (gourds, melons, squashes and cucumbers); nightshade family (eggplant, potatoes, tomatoes and peppers); goosefoot family (spinach and beets); onion family (leeks, garlic and onions); legume family (all peas and beans), and the carrot, celery and parsnip group.
* hairy sand-spurrey Chenopodiaceae Goosefoot Family Arthrocnemum subterminale (Parish) Standi pickleweed Atriplex argentea Nutt.
vulgaris) are members of Chenopodiaceae, the goosefoot family. Botanists have recently started including the Chenopodiaceae in the Amaranthaceae.