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gooseneck desk lamp


1. A slender curved object or part, such as the flexible shaft of a type of desk lamp.
2. Nautical A pivoting connector by which the boom is attached to the mast on many sailboats.

goose′necked′ adj.
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1. (Nautical Terms) nautical a pivot between the forward end of a boom and a mast, to allow the boom to swing freely
2. something in the form of a neck of a goose
ˈgooseˌnecked adj
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a curved object resembling the neck of a goose, as a section of pipe or a long, flexible metal shaft on a desk lamp.
goose′necked`, adj.
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Noun1.gooseneck - something in a thin curved form (like the neck of a goose)gooseneck - something in a thin curved form (like the neck of a goose)
curve, curved shape - the trace of a point whose direction of motion changes
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Gooseneck trailers tend to cut the apex of the corner, making them more likely to hit the line of waiting cars when making a left turn at a stoplight than with a tagalong, Tagalong trailers generally track closer to the tow-vehicle's trajectory, but the longer the distance between the hitch and the trailer's axles, the greater the tendency for the trailer to clip the corners.
Of course putting up the filler pipe and hooking the "gooseneck" over the top was dangerous.
The Ultimate Tow Machine, the second special edition model, features a gooseneck hitch, running boards, retractable bed step, heavy-duty splash guards, slush mats and UConnect Internet.
Segment-able ring-lights can emulate various fiber optic geometries such as continuous ring, double gooseneck, and line lights.
A Quick Load Gooseneck System for curved handle MIG Guns lets welding operators change gooseneck combinations, providing the exact angle for specific welding applications.
The gooseneck arm is flexible and the lamp rotates 350 degrees to cast the light anywhere you need it.
Additionally, the DC260 has a 22-inch gooseneck to capture larger or wide-angle images and two cold-cathode lamps that can uniformly illuminate objects from any angle.
His company, Gooseneck Productions, spent pounds 420,411 last year.
For example, gooseneck cylinder pins on an M1000 heavy equipment transporter (HET) headed for RESET rust up from lack of lube.
The flexible gooseneck design allows the lens and lamp head to independently rotate 360 degrees.
The same was said for the multicolored five-light Jelly Gooseneck lamp that was expected to be popular among dorm dwellers, but flew out of stores faster than you can say "family room."
Its flexible gooseneck arm and swivel designed lamp head allow for easy adjustment and maneuverability.