gopher ball

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gopher ball

n. Baseball
A pitched ball that is hit for a home run.

[Origin unknown.]

go′pher ball`

a pitched baseball hit for a home run.
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Although he had little trouble retiring the other three Marlins he faced in the top of the 11th, Falkenborg's gopher ball to Ramirez made his comment ring true for now.
The television ad features Bonds hitting a crushing home run, when he realizes it was Alexander who gave up the gopher ball.
He immediately walked Craig Counsell to begin the inning, then served up a gopher ball to Luis Gonzalez, all before he had retired a batter.
Lidle then walked Jason Repko, gave up a hit-and-run single to right to Dodgers pitcher Derek Lowe, allowed an RBI double to the sizzling Oscar Robles, then served up a three-run gopher ball to Jeff Kent.
He was charged with six earned runs, four of them in a second inning in which he came tantalizingly close to escaping a second-and-third, none-out jam by striking out Michael Barrett and Koronka in succession, only to serve up a gopher ball to Neifi Perez that put the Dodgers in a 4-0 hole.
Gomes hit his off Joel Peralta, who walked Nava to begin the inning, then threw the gopher ball on his first pitch to Gomes.
While Donnelly's untimely gopher ball necessitated Erstad's last-minute Houdini act, the Angels' lineup provided no margin for error.
54, he has stranded 14 of 21 inherited runners, has walked only five compared to 35 strikeouts, and on a staff that has been tormented by the gopher ball, Tazawa has allowed just one home run in 35 innings.
Tracy stuck with Brazoban, who threw strike one, then the gopher ball.
Never mind that his season-and-a-half with the Yankees was marked by high ERAs and repeated banishments to the bullpen, or that it was capped by the infamous gopher ball he threw in last year's World Series.
Yesterday, knowing how the Sox' pitching staff has been giving up first-inning runs and putting the team in a hole, he threw a gopher ball to Brett Lawrie on the first pitch of the game.