gopher hole

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Noun1.gopher hole - a hole in the ground made by gophersgopher hole - a hole in the ground made by gophers
hollow, hole - a depression hollowed out of solid matter
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"You take the branch next the willow stump, I b'lieve; or else the branch by the gopher holes; or else--"
The first one is by the elm tree, and the second is by the gopher holes; and then--"
"And I saw the gopher holes, too, and the dead stump; but they're not here now.
And when he was supposed to be working in the corn-fields, and the tall stalks hid him from Mombi's view, Tip would often dig in the gopher holes, or if the mood seized him -- lie upon his back between the rows of corn and take a nap.
Lianne McTavish's chapter on the Torrington Gopher Hole Museum is an act of "micromuseology," (1) i.e., taking a small museum seriously (even when its displays are tongue-in-cheek) as a site whose practices can be building blocks for interrogating and theorizing museums more broadly.
And Woody, my two-year-old pit/Lab-mix, has become obsessed with digging up the gopher holes. He runs to each new mound, gives each one a few quick swipes of his paws, and shoves his whole head down into the gopher hole, absolutely huffing the the gopher scent.
I have never had failure with this method except when the nest was in a gopher hole, and the bees used the gopher maze to find another way out, and another time the nest was in a long crack in clay soil.
And that's bad news, not just for this one company, but for others thinking about sticking their heads out of the gopher hole. (Kinder Morgan, are you listening?) Never mind about getting a free pass from Canada's Conservative government in passes now as environmental protection and assessment.
"It's just a very unusual circumstance, that a gopher hole allowed water to get under the roadway, which ultimately led to the collapse.
Your first stop on this tour is the Gopher Hole Museum, located about 130 kilometres northeast of Calgary in a small, archetypal prairie town called Torrington.
Acquisition activity has at least popped its head back up out of the gopher hole. Shaw's got bought out at a respectable valuation multiple, and a Bruno's/Bi-Lo acquisition appears likely to close in one or a few pieces, albeit at a lesser valuation.
This time of year, we assume that a snake could be under every log, and sleeping in every gopher hole, and thus approach these areas with caution.