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 (gō′po͝or-əm) also go·pu·ra (-po͝or-ə)
1. An entrance building to a Hindu temple in southern India, often topped by a tiered tower of massive proportions and intricate decoration.
2. A similar entrance to a Cambodian Hindu and Buddhist temple from the period of the Khmer empire, often of cruciform shape and topped by a small central tower.

[Hindi gopuram, alteration (probably influenced by Hindi go Sanskrit gauḥ, go-, cow) of Tamil kōpuram, gopuram : , king + puram, fortress (from Sanskrit puram, from pūr, pur-, rampart, fortress; see pelə- in Indo-European roots).]


(Architecture) a gateway tower of an Indian temple
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Tenders are invited for Mw (p) forrepairs to brick gopuras at vittala temple at venkatapura
The paintings are located within the four ascending tiers of the middle of the three gopuras (pyramidal gateways) of the Narumpunatha (Shiva) temple at Tiruppudaimarudur, a small village in the far south of Tamilnadu near Tirunelveli.
The paintings are treated by subject alone and so, without visiting the site, it is difficult to understand the overall program within the four stories of the gopura, located in dimly lit and progressively smaller ascending chambers.
The rajagopura, facing the rocky slopes of the hill, is impressive with its height of 30 m, while the other three gopuras which form the entrances towards the south, west, and north are each 17 m high.
All other parts of the building except for the superstructure of the gopuras have been carved from a shining greyish-white stone which is available locally.
Reappearing in the decoration of pilasters and lintels, he replaces, united with the naga, the previous decorative motif for temple balustrade ends, adorns the angles of gopuras, supports the gigantic heads of the face towers and alternates with the lion on royal terrace walls ...
The Bayon alone, in its pristine state, had some 6,250 of these challenging goddesses on the pillars and gopura that led to its sacred spaces, according to my calculations at the site.
Its 12 giant gopuras, or gateways, are elaborately decorated with more than 33,000 brightly painted figures and the temple is a constant hive of religious activity.
Nevada (US), Feb 09 (ANI): "Very serious" damage has been caused to four gopuras (towered gateways found at the entrances to temples) of landmark Preah Vihear Shiva temple, according to a Cambodian Government communique.
The communique from the Cambodian Government's National Committee for the World Heritage mentions about: very serious damages to the Gopura I, III, IV, and V of the Temple of Preah Vihear.
Describing the Temple, Committee President Borath further wrote: "Besides the central temple where this dancing image of Shiva is sculpted, there are four other temples at the four levels of the plateau (gopura II-IV).
Pictures of the Preah Vihear Shiva temple were also attached, indicating damages to Gopura (towered gateway found at the entrances to temples) I, II, III, IV, and V resulting from Thai-Cambodia border clashes.