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pierced with a horn: The bullfighter was gored; a triangular piece of material: a gored skirt
Not to be confused with:
gourd – hard-shelled fruit of a plant: The colorful bowls were made of gourds.
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gore 1

tr.v. gored, gor·ing, gores
To pierce or stab with a horn or tusk.

[Middle English goren, probably from gore, spear, from Old English gār.]

gore 2

1. A triangular or tapering piece of cloth forming a part of something, as in a skirt or sail.
2. A small triangular piece of land.
tr.v. gored, gor·ing, gores
1. To provide with a gore.
2. To cut into a gore.

[Middle English, from Old English gāra, triangular piece of land.]

gore 3

Blood, especially coagulated blood from a wound.

[Middle English, filth, from Old English gor.]
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adjmit Bahnen; gored skirtBahnenrock m
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References in classic literature ?
A BULL finding a lion's cub asleep gored him to death with his horns.
"Oh," said John Harned, "then is the horse there to be gored? That must be why it is blindfolded, so that it shall not see the bull coming to gore it."
They tore at each others' eyes and ears with their hands and with their gleaming tusks repeatedly slashed and gored until both were cut fairly to ribbons from head to foot.