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1. A deep narrow valley with steep rocky sides; a ravine.
2. A narrow entrance into the outwork of a fortification.
3. The throat; the gullet: The gory sight made my gorge rise.
4. The crop of a hawk.
5. An instance of gluttonous eating.
6. The contents of the stomach; something swallowed.
7. A mass obstructing a narrow passage: a shipping lane blocked by an ice gorge.
8. The seam on the front of a coat or jacket where the lapel and the collar are joined.
v. gorged, gorg·ing, gorg·es
1. To stuff with food; glut: gorged themselves with candy.
2. To devour greedily.
To eat gluttonously.

[Middle English, throat, from Old French, from Late Latin gurga, perhaps from Latin gurges, whirlpool, abyss.]

gorg′er n.
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Noun1.gorger - someone who eats food rapidly and greedily
eater, feeder - someone who consumes food for nourishment
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As well as identifying what sort of eater you are, whether it be a gorger, a nibbler, a junk-eater or a gym bunny, he says the techniques are simple and easy to learn, yet could be potentially life changing.
'If a friend married a gorger, I don't know if I'd go to the wedding.' But Paddy would like to see things change in the future.
The word "regorger," which indicates a filling of the throat to the limit, and over the limit, so as to overflow, contains in it the word "gorger," which means to fill with food, to stuff to excess, to the level of the throat.
As Dvorak voraciously eats a sausage, Adele sees him as part of the overriding biological drama which also forces her to watch a fly "become tangled at last in a freshly spun spiderweb where it began to struggle for its life." Here, Dvorak is the victorious gorger in the battle for survival, but soon he will be gorged by death.