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Noun1.gossip columnist - a journalist who writes a column of gossip about celebrities
newspaper columnist - a columnist who writes for newspapers
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Without them, many a gossip columnist wouldn't be here.
Just a few weeks after Yair Netanyahu, Bibi's oldest son, was publicly shamed when a tape was released featuring his crass musings, recorded some years earlier, outside a Tel Aviv strip club, now comes his mother's turn: Recorded in 2009 while speaking to one of her publicists, Sara Netanyahu can be heard, in a tape released yesterday, losing her cool after a gossip columnist failed to refer to her academic credentials in a way she deemed sufficiently respectful.
An even more shocking variable has been introduced to the party prince equation," a source told gossip columnist Perez Hilton.
Widnes's finest is about to launch her latest solo album, The Sea, and Insider hears notorious US online gossip columnist Perez Hilton is already wowed.
Perhaps, once a gossip columnist, always a gossip columnist.
Taylor spoke about Winters - who recently became Janet Jackson's manager- to US gossip columnist Liz Smith, calling him "one of the most wonderful men I've ever known".
US gossip columnist Mike Walker said yesterday: "Passers-by just gasped.
Jerry Berger, retired legendary gossip columnist for the old St.
The US gossip columnist said: "The source of her condition is simply, the heart's gone out of her.
Manhattan gossip columnist Liz Smith, who knew her way around a blind item long before today's celebrity bloggers were born, is no longer a New York Post columnist, due to financial considerations.
A Washington gossip columnist complained that the pickings had been slim, news-wise.
By 17, he was director of gossip columnist Jimmy Fidler's Hollywood segments for Fox Movietone News.