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The syndicated gossip writer was born in Fort Worth, Texas.
Norman said at the time: "I was working as a gossip writer on the Daily Sketch for my sins, which was the only job I could get, and she was working as a very highly respected writer on the Daily Herald, as it was then.
Celebrity gossip writer Perez Hilton retweeted the video of Joanne's implants being turned on, and journalists Caitlin Moran and Pete Paphides also tweeted about the clip.
The couple fled to the US when the tycoon's empire collapsed and despite being tracked down, Dunne's wife, former gossip writer Gayle Killilea, refused to accept the court papers.
However, only a year out of the Arts Educational School, Matt looked more like Tintin boy reporter than the 30-something cynic and reluctant gossip writer he was playing.
Gulzar, the father of two young daughters, Inaya and Deena, said it was tragic that the gossip writer had "dragged the small angels in his fabrication", reports The News.
The gossip writer revealed he thought Katie would "go upwards" post the divorce and said: "Look at Nicole Kidman.
When someone at a nightclub asked who it was, she whispered the name and a passing gossip writer overheard.
The shabby sleuth investigates the complex case of a murdered Hollywood gossip writer, using his unique talents to interrogate a smooth-talking funeral director once romantically involved with the victim 1998 *** Coraline (Channel 4, 4.
Gossip writer Cindy Adams "Gordon Brown and Simon Cowell both have something in common.
How To Lose Friends & Alienate People (15) Middling fish out of water romcom media satire with gaffe-prone self-absorbed Simon Pegg trying to make it as a celeb gossip writer in NewYork.
I've explored the issue of the Hollywood closet as a journalist and also as a novelist in Rhapsody in Blood, my next mystery novel, which revolves around the murder of a gossip writer intent on outing a star during the shooting of his latest picture.