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 (gŏs′ə-pôl′, -pōl′, -pŏl′)
A toxic yellow pigment, C30H30O8, obtained from cottonseed oil and detoxified by heating, that has been experimentally shown to inhibit sperm production.

[New Latin Gossypium, genus name (from Latin gossypion, cotton plant) + -ol.]


(Biochemistry) a toxic crystalline pigment that is a constituent of cottonseed oil
[C19: from Modern Latin gossypium cotton plant + -ol1]


(ˈgɒs əˌpɔl, -ˌpɒl)

a pigment, C30H30O8, derived from cottonseed oil, that lowers sperm production and is considered a potential male contraceptive.
[1895–1900; < New Latin Gossyp(ium) genus name for cotton (Latin gossypion (Pliny) cotton plant) + -ol1]
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2008) also found significant correlation as gossypol glands and thickness of lamina were positively correlated with whitefly that Bt-496 variety showed the highest whitefly population while Bt-703 was resistance.
Silencing a cotton bollworm P450 monooxygenase gene by plant-mediated RNAi impairs larval tolerance of gossypol.
free gossypol [FG] and glucosinolate) and the relatively low digestibility of their essential amino acids (AAs) limit their utilization [1,3].
Pamuk bitkisinden elde edilen dogal fenol bilesik olan gossypol, oral BH-3 mimetik ve pan-Bcl-2 inhibitoru olarak AT-101 jenerik ismiyle gelistirilmistir.
A microbial fermentation of soybean and cottonseed meal increases antioxidant activity and gossypol detoxification in diets for Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus.
However, it's use in nonruminants feed is highly limited due to the presence of gossypol and low in lysine content (3,4).
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Gossypol, a natural biaryl pigment found in cottonseed, has shown male antifertility activity.
Its oil is beneficial for human health as compare to cotton and mustard oil, because cotton contain Gossypol mater and mustard oil contain Erucic acid these both matters are harmful for human health but Camelina oil contain omega-3 fatty acid that is not common in other vegetables oil.