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However, cotton is still poisonous to living beings like animals and humans due to the presence of a toxin called gossypol, one which pulls down the blood potassium to strikingly dangerous levels, resulting in fatigue and even paralysis.
To our knowledge, other phenolic compounds such as Gossypol, Quercitrin occurring in fruits and vegetables have been found to induce pathological changes in testicular cells [17-19].
Texas A&M professor Keerti Rathore started working on the project 23 years ago, and figured out how to silence a gene in the plant that produced a toxin, called gossypol. While gossypol protects the plant from insects, it made the seeds inedible to humans and most animals.
However, the use of CSM in poultry diets is limited due to the presence of gossypol and a relative low lysine level compared to SBM (Tang et al., 2012; He et al., 2015).
Gossypol profile's based selection of cotton lines for transcriptional analyses.
In another study, inhibition of Hsp90 by 17-AAG was shown to sensitize HCC cells against gossypol induced apoptosis through suppression of cytoprotective autophagy (72).
Anaya-Velazquez et al., "Anti-amoebic effect of gossypol in golden hamsters with experimental hepatic amoebic abscess," Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, vol.
Consistently, the pharmacological inhibition of LDH-A by the natural phenol gossypol was approved in clinical studies [103].
Silencing a cotton bollworm P450 monooxygenase gene by plant-mediated RNAi impairs larval tolerance of gossypol. Nature Biotechnology.
Pamuk bitkisinden elde edilen dogal fenol bilesik olan gossypol, oral BH-3 mimetik ve pan-Bcl-2 inhibitoru olarak AT-101 jenerik ismiyle gelistirilmistir.