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Contraction of got to: I gotta go home.


vb, contraction of
got to


(ˈgɒt ə)
Pron. Spelling.
got to.
usage: See get.


[ˈgɒtə] vi (esp Am) (= have got to) I gotta get dresseddevo vestirmi
I've gotta get back → devo tornare
References in classic literature ?
"Quick, then," he replied, "for we gotta go it if we're goin' to catch the Kincaid afore she sails.
They're wide open, an' all you gotta do is hit 'em.
The final placings in the championship had Gotta Love It 7 on nine points, a two-point victory over Coopers-Rag & Famish Hotel, with Thurlow Fisher Lawyers third on 19 points.
101 American Geo-Sites You've Gotta See chooses one outstanding geologic site for all fifty states and uses that site to explain how it originated and the overall geologic forces affecting the rest of the state.
1 You gotta have a knife with the strength, speed and refined looks to go from a boardroom to a back alley, and handle either with ease.
Following the success of last year's visit, GOTTA SING GOTTA DANCE will return to Darlington Civic Theatre from September 14-18 with a stunning new show.
My wife naturally lambasted me for revealing this habit in front of our children, but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.
Profusely illustrated and with an accompanying DVD, "Gotta Tango: Argentine Tango Anywhere, Anytime" is the collaborative work of Tango experts and instructors Albert Paz and Valorie Hart.
I could be brown; I could be blue; I could be violet sky; I could be hurtful; I could be purple; I could be anything you like; Gotta be green; Gotta be mean; Gotta be everything more; Why don't you like me?; Why don't you like me?
Gotta Find Me An Angel Brenda Brooks Raincoast Books 9050 Shaughnessy Street, Vancouver, B.
You Gotta Wanna: Traits of the Sales Greats is a compendium of tips, tricks, and techniques to stand head and shoulders above one's competitors in sales.
There are more important things ya gotta attend to.