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A taste and relish for good food: "You could see the gourmandise shining on his rosy lips" (Glenway Wescott).

[Middle English gromandise, gluttony, from Old French gormandise, from gormant, glutton.]


(ˌɡʊəmənˈdiːz) or


a love of and taste for good food


(ˌgʊər mənˈdiz)

unrestrained enjoyment of good foods, wines, etc.
[1930–35; < French; see gormandize]
References in classic literature ?
"Oh, if I was permitted a vice it would be the GOURMANDISE!"
After June all the little Court Society of Pumpernickel used to separate, according to the German plan, and make for a hundred watering-places, where they drank at the wells, rode upon donkeys, gambled at the redoutes if they had money and a mind, rushed with hundreds of their kind to gourmandise at the tables d'hote, and idled away the summer.
Et a force de rattraper les rates colossaux de nombre de projets de plans sectoriels lances en grande pompe, la CDG a fini par se disperser, tout autant par gourmandise interne que par ces sollicitations venues d'ailleurs.
Nespresso's Parisian Gourmandise inspired Limited Edition festive collection has been launched by Blue Salon.
These voluptuous forms, reminiscent of childhood, suggest a fantasised 'gourmandise'.
In God's view, Hans evinces "gourmandise" when he disdains bread in favor of fruit, a "bread-sin" according to the superstition but also--and here is already a problem--perfectly natural in a child then as now.
Barthes utilise des objets tires de la vie quotidienne, et la thematique alimentaire qui se situe a la jonction de deux de ses passions, a savoir l'amour de la bonne chere et l'amour des mots, des plaisirs de la table et de l'ecriture, lui permet d'etablir de nombreuses analogies entre les mots et les mets revelant ainsi sa veritable gourmandise des mots.
EAT: La Brasserie Tradition and Gourmandise in St Raphael is the perfect place for Med dishes with a contemporary twist, eaten on a flower-decked terrace.
The president said at a press conference held on Thursday (December 1) that this project concerns Gourmandise, Sadika, Smartkit, Ikit and Ecolab.