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A taste and relish for good food: "You could see the gourmandise shining on his rosy lips" (Glenway Wescott).

[Middle English gromandise, gluttony, from Old French gormandise, from gormant, glutton.]


(ˌɡʊəmənˈdiːz) or


a love of and taste for good food


(ˌgʊər mənˈdiz)

unrestrained enjoyment of good foods, wines, etc.
[1930–35; < French; see gormandize]
References in classic literature ?
After June all the little Court Society of Pumpernickel used to separate, according to the German plan, and make for a hundred watering-places, where they drank at the wells, rode upon donkeys, gambled at the redoutes if they had money and a mind, rushed with hundreds of their kind to gourmandise at the tables d'hote, and idled away the summer.
Avec la qualification en poche, les joueurs nord-irlandais peuvent maintenant se tourner vers le tournoi avec gourmandise.
Gourmandise Sweets Boutiques on Dubai's Al Wasl Road specialises in Arabic sweets.
One of Cairo's most stylish Ramadan tents -- La Gourmandise -- can be found on the premises during the Holy Month.
C'est egalement avec gourmandise que nous nous plongerons dans la lecture du dernier roman de Benoit Duteurtre, paru chez Gallimard: L'ordinateur du Paradis.
Gourmandise, as Brillat-Savarin emphasizes, has "the most marked influence" on conjugal happiness when shared (116).
La vanite, la suffisance, la gourmandise, la lachete, laparesse, l'infidelite, etc.
14) He condemns gluttony for everything from tooth decay to moral decadence and social disorder, lamenting "what abuse is here in this realme in the continual gourmandise and dayly feeding on sondry meates at one meale in the spiryte of gluttony.
All hotel restaurants and bars offer spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea including La Gourmandise French Pastry & Tea Lounge: Club 35, one of the city's more popular nightclub bars serving Asian-fusion cuisine; Lebanese restaurant, Sahar El-Layali; the hotel's famous Cigar Bar and a poolside restaurant plus beach cafe.
Elles << mettent en scene >> aussi bien des creatures vulgaires, grotesques ou pittoresques des villes ou des campagnes censees reveler les traits psychologiques de Fordre de l'immoralite (comme la cupidite, la betise, la luxure, la gourmandise, la paresse), que des gens modestes, rustiques, mais toujours dignes, ou encore de riches bourgeois dans des scenes d'interieur introduisant le spectateur au coeur de l'intimite et des valeurs d'un univers luxueux et norme (29).
Careful not to gulp them all down at once, my partner and I took our time devouring the gourmandise, one slurp at a time.
The problem is especially acute for France; the countryside is seen by the French as being the fons et origo of all that is most important for the French soul; it is where a highly urbanised population recharges its batteries, the source of its gourmandise, the more vital and precious now that French cuisine has been declared by the UN as part of the World Heritage.