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Gov. Baggs was shot by some villain on Friday, 6th inst., in the evening, while sitting in a room in his own house in Independence.
Background: A long-time state legislator, was selected by Gov.-elect Butch Otter after falling short in a bid to become speaker of the Idaho House of Representatives.
Gov. Ted Kulongoski (D) is in a world of hurt politically as he attempts to beat back a serious primary challenge from a handful of candidates, including popular former Gov.
"I looked at your chances at the bid three or four years ago, and I thought it was a real long shot--next to impossible," Gov. Romney said during remarks at a Construction Industry Breakfast forum sponsored by the New York Building Congress on February 4.
The Yomiuri Shimbun said its prefecture-by-prefecture survey, taken along with a national poll ahead of Sunday's House of Councillors election, shows that Iwate Gov. Hiroya Masuda came in second with 80.9%, followed by Tottori Gov.
Gov. James ought to know -- I'm quite sure that he does!