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Noun1.government agency - an administrative unit of governmentgovernment agency - an administrative unit of government; "the Central Intelligence Agency"; "the Census Bureau"; "Office of Management and Budget"; "Tennessee Valley Authority"
administrative body, administrative unit - a unit with administrative responsibilities
executive agency - an agency of the executive branch of government
FDA, Food and Drug Administration - a federal agency in the Department of Health and Human Services established to regulate the release of new foods and health-related products
CDC, Center for Disease Control and Prevention - a federal agency in the Department of Health and Human Services; located in Atlanta; investigates and diagnoses and tries to control or prevent diseases (especially new and unusual diseases)
Counterterrorist Center, CTC - an agency that helps the Director of Central Intelligence coordinate counterterrorist efforts in order to preempt and disrupt and defeat terrorist activities at the earliest possible stage
Nonproliferation Center, NPC - an agency that serves as the focal point for all Intelligence Community activities related to nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their missile delivery systems
Bureau of the Census, Census Bureau - the bureau of the Commerce Department responsible for taking the census; provides demographic information and analyses about the population of the United States
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA - an agency in the Department of Commerce that maps the oceans and conserves their living resources; predicts changes to the earth's environment; provides weather reports and forecasts floods and hurricanes and other natural disasters related to weather
National Climatic Data Center, NCDC - the part of NOAA that maintains the world's largest active archive of weather data
National Weather Service - the federal agency in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration that is responsible for weather forecast and preparation of weather maps
Technology Administration - an agency in the Department of Commerce that works with United States industries to promote competitiveness and maximize the impact of technology on economic growth
National Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST - an agency in the Technology Administration that makes measurements and sets standards as needed by industry or government programs
National Technical Information Service, NTIS - an agency in the Technology Administration that is a primary resource for government-funded scientific and technical and engineering and business related information
DARPA, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency - the central research and development organization for the United States Department of Defense; responsible for developing new surveillance technologies since 9/11
Department of Defense Laboratory System, LABLINK - a defense laboratory that provides essential services in fundamental science for national security and environmental protection and provides technologies that contribute to industrial competitiveness
Department of Energy Intelligence, DOEI - an agency that collects political and economic and technical information about energy matters and makes the Department of Energy's technical and analytical expertise available to other members of the Intelligence Community
PHS, United States Public Health Service - an agency that serves as the office of Surgeon General; includes agencies whose mission is to improve the public health
National Institutes of Health, NIH - an agency in the Department of Health and Human Services whose mission is to employ science in the pursuit of knowledge to improve human health; is the principal biomedical research agency of the federal government
BJA, Bureau of Justice Assistance - the bureau in the Department of Justice that assists local criminal justice systems to reduce or prevent crime and violence and drug abuse
BJS, Bureau of Justice Statistics - the agency in the Department of Justice that is the primary source of criminal justice statistics for federal and local policy makers
Immigration and Naturalization Service, INS - an agency in the Department of Justice that enforces laws and regulations for the admission of foreign-born persons to the United States
United States Border Patrol, US Border Patrol - the mobile law enforcement arm of the Immigration and Naturalization Service that detects and prevents illegal entry of aliens into the United States
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, DS - the bureau in the State Department that is responsible for the security of diplomats and embassies overseas
Foreign Service - the part of the State Department that supplies diplomats for the United States embassies and consulates around the world
Bureau of Intelligence and Research, INR - an agency that is the primary source in the State Department for interpretive analyses of global developments and focal point for policy issues and activities of the Intelligence Community
FWS, United States Fish and Wildlife Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service - an agency in the Department of the Interior that conserves and protects fish and wildlife and their habitats; assesses the environmental impact of pesticides and nuclear power site and hydroelectric dams and thermal pollution
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In the IRR, we propose that this also include e-mail or SMS because it will be quite impossible for the government agency to notify the applicant who cannot be located.
It is in this light that establishment of a Multi-Sector Governance Council (MSGC) in every government agency is of utmost importance.
In 2014, the last time Gallup asked the government agency series, the FBI ranked second among all of the agencies, but it has fallen in the overall rankings as the positive ratings of others have risen.
The government agency will occupy a majority of the second floor with this expansion.
A factor buys the invoice that was generated by the small business vendor and offered to the contractor or government agency. The factor advances--often within five to Io business days--as much as 70% of the value of an invoice in cash, aster verifying it with the organization making payment.
First, it is critically important for the government agency implementing the LSI concept to develop the right culture within its own organization, and to restructure itself to mirror the LSI.
Noticeably absent from this list is the U.S., which has been more cautious and less centrally organized; the FDIC is the only government agency ready to accept XBRL reports from its constituents.
"When it is too easy for a government agency to say 'No'--as the Ashcroft policy guidance seems to encourage--the practical burden imposed on the media, particularly smaller publishers with limited resources, effectively thwarts the intent of the act and runs contrary to the public interest," Ossoff said.
After receiving a report of a possible information compromise, DSS is required to determine whether compromise occurred and to notify the affected government agency so it can assess any damage and take actions to mitigate the effects of the suspected compromise, compromise, or loss.
Thus, the typical first move online for a government agency has been to set up an agency Web page arranged hierarchically just like the agency.

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