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Noun1.grab bar - a bar attached parallel to a wall to provide a handgrip for steadying yourselfgrab bar - a bar attached parallel to a wall to provide a handgrip for steadying yourself
bar - a rigid piece of metal or wood; usually used as a fastening or obstruction or weapon; "there were bars in the windows to prevent escape"
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There are also sinks available with hand pulls in the front (a grab bar that is part of the sink) that allow an individual using a wheelchair to maneuver easily.
CSI Bathware donated over 300 dual-function grab bars similar to the combination toilet paper holder and grab bar shown.
The model features a newly-designed spare wheel cover, new alloy wheels, newly-designed three-spoke steering wheel, a new instrument panel, dashboard grab bar, redesigned centre console with horizontal HVAC vents and Ford SYNC 3 infotainment system with a floating display.
This same wall-to-floor grab bar, when installed next to the bed along with a trapeze either on a chain screwed into a strengthened ceiling joist over the bed or a portable one at the headboard, improve ability to get in, move around and get out of bed.
On the EWR model, a second set of hydraulic controls is located on the operator grab bar. KION North America, 843-875-8000,
> HOLD It's like a grab bar, only better since it's accessible from all angles.
But a homeowner may get a grab bar and screw it into the drywall, which may not be able to hold the weight it needs to hold.
A securely fastened grab bar can be the difference between a momentary slip and a hip-breaking fall.
"If people need a bath seat they will also need a grab bar, a shower spray and most likely a raised toilet seat."
Neither of us wanted to make it look institutional with a grab bar.
The io[R] Balance Beam illuminated grab bar from Cooper Lighting is ADA-compliant.
* The rear grab bar can be reduced to 24 inches if the adjacent fixture is recessed.