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Noun1.grab bar - a bar attached parallel to a wall to provide a handgrip for steadying yourselfgrab bar - a bar attached parallel to a wall to provide a handgrip for steadying yourself
bar - a rigid piece of metal or wood; usually used as a fastening or obstruction or weapon; "there were bars in the windows to prevent escape"
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Secure a grab rail on the wall above the bathtub to provide extra support especially for elderly people.
com)-- The new 1095 grab rail handle system from EMKA provides very long grab handles, or static hand rails of adjustable lengths, with extra supports for additional strength.
A yellow metal grab rail runs horizontally between the back seats and the driver's seat.
Topside, forward is a sun pad and stainless steel grab rail.
At the back, Suzuki has infused sportiness in form of a split grab rail and LED tail lamps.
It can be used to take tension off a jammed line, secure a rescue line, add a secure attachment point to a grab rail or stanchion, lead a static line in any direction, grab chains and railings or climb any rope, line or halyard.
The Pulsar 150NS is likely to come with features like aluminium number plate holder and a split grab rail along with 100/90 cross section rear tyre and single seat.
The eight seater RIB boat is equipped with a stand-up double console, raised windshield, raised Stainless Steel grab rail, large dash board enough to install all gauges, switches, remote control, and steering wheel.
A BABY died two days after banging his head on a metal grab rail in a bath at his dad's flat, an inquest heard yesterday.
The ergonomic control handle and grab rail place operating functions within easy reach.
Savage Coalition cuts to social services mean older patients wait nearly four weeks for changes, such as a grab rail or ramp.