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grab 1

v. grabbed, grab·bing, grabs
1. To take or grasp suddenly: grabbed the letter from me.
2. To capture or restrain; arrest.
3. To obtain or appropriate unscrupulously or forcibly: grab public funds; grab power.
4. To take hurriedly: grabbed my coat and hat and left.
5. Slang To capture the attention of: a plot that grabs the reader.
To make a grasping or snatching motion: We grabbed for the life raft.
a. A sudden attempt to grasp or hold something: made a grab for the railing.
b. A sudden, often unscrupulous taking control or ownership of something: "The imminence of death is reflected in every last power-stroke and grab of the great money bosses" (Dylan Thomas).
2. A mechanical device for gripping an object.
Relating or being an object or device that is grabbed or gripped for support or balance: installed a grab bar in the shower.
up for grabs Slang
Available for anyone to take or win: "The reputation of the ... king is still up for grabs" (William Zinsser).

[Obsolete Dutch or Low German grabben, from Middle Dutch or Middle Low German; see ghrebh- in Indo-European roots.]

grab′ba·ble adj.
grab′ber n.

grab 2

A usually two-masted, sharp-prowed coastal vessel of the Indian Ocean.

[Arabic ġurāb, raven, swift galley; see ġrb in Semitic roots.]
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Noun1.grabber - an unpleasant person who grabs inconsiderately
disagreeable person, unpleasant person - a person who is not pleasant or agreeable
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The MNA regretted that he committed a big mistake by asking the police to set free the land grabber's son and offered an apology over his act.
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ISLAMABAD -- Islamabad police has arrested a land grabber and recovered sub-machine gun (SMG) from him, a police spokesman said on Saturday.
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That also was the year that Bit-Flow launched the Road Runner, which it called the world's first PCI bus-mastering digital frame grabber. Powered by an early version of the company's FlowThru architecture, combining high-speed video FIFOs with a highly optimized scatter/gather DMA, the product was an important innovation for the machine-vision industry.
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