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adj. grab·bi·er, grab·bi·est Informal
1. Acquisitive or greedy.
2. Attracting attention; striking: "Many critics charge, however, that these new resources are being used ... to attract viewers, using grabby images and exotic locales" (Alan Bunce).

grab′bi·ness n.
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Informal. Excessive desire for more than one needs or deserves:
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Long-despised for its grabbiness and brutality, the IRS further alienated the public when it acted against Tea Party groups during the Obama years.
I took my first step and quickly realized the shoes, with a sticky rubber sole, gave me a superpower of grabbiness. I worked my way up the rock face, slowly finding new holds and ledges, occasionally dipping my fingers into granite pockets filled with icy water.
And yet, the grabbiness of what the blog The Digital Reader refers to as the "Pig Five" publishers seems almost amazing at times.