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1. Lacking grace; clumsy.
2. Having or exhibiting no sense of propriety or decency.
3. Inferior or clumsy in treatment or performance: a graceless production of the play.

grace′less·ly adv.
grace′less·ness n.
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Adv.1.gracelessly - without gracegracelessly - without grace; rigidly; "they moved woodenly"
2.gracelessly - in a graceless manner; "she moves rather gracelessly"
gracefully - in a graceful manner; "she swooped gracefully"


[ˈgreɪsləsli] adv
(= clumsily) → sans grâce
(= impolitely) → inélégamment
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Imagine even the simple piece of wood you shoved so gracelessly between your teeth had imitation brothers waiting to tear your precious teeth apart!
WAGE RATE DATA: AGING GRACELESSLY Age Ranges Total Number of Unique Classifications/Wage Rates Union Nonunion Total 36 to 40 Years Old 0 749 749 31 to 35 Years Old 0 757 757 26 to 30 Years Old 0 1,905 1,905 21 to 25 Years Old 32 942 974 SUBTOTAL 32 (0.05%) 4,353 (6%) 4,385 (3%) 16 to 20 Years Old 32 669 701 11 to 15 Years Old 330 2,168 2,498 6 to 10 Years Old 1,510 30,438 31,948 5 Years and Under 62,946 32,260 95,206 In their report for the Wage and Hour Division, Department of Labor Office of Inspector General auditors chart the dated nature of nonunion worker wage data in the WHD Wage Determinations Generation System.
By gracelessly ignoring the campaigns that had gone before, Labour weaponised a cause that previously enjoyed wide support to make a cheap party point.
Now, many of the back lanes in older neighbourhoods have deteriorated and have become under-appreciated as the building stock of garages and fences sag and age gracelessly. Many are lit by streetlights, some not.
Its front wheels sink gracelessly into a deep trough of water, and the back tires uselessly churn the mud.
Perhaps lulled in to a false sense of security by his side's dominance, Marcelo Diaz lingered on the ball for an eternity on the edge of his box, turning slowly and gracelessly until he was robbed by Timo Werner, who squared for Stindl to tap home in to an empty net.
"So this is how gracelessly freedom of speech ends in a country which prides itself on its freedoms almost more than it prides itself on its Camembert and Brie cheeses," said Simonyan.
Variety's Dennis Harvey states: 'Gracelessly mashes together hardboiled crime-melodrama cliches and an unintentionally funny ...
Among the Believers establishes this context with even-handedness and erudition, even if it is occasionally guilty of gracelessly canvassing opinion that doesn't greatly build on what's already been laid out.
It certainly wouldn't be more justified, but such rational thinking has gone missing in this year of losing gracelessly. And in this era of irresolution.
The ingrate Bakhtin then gracelessly allowed his followers to transfer the authorship of their works to his name (Bronckart et Bota, 2011).