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1. A stage or degree in a process.
2. A position in a scale of size, quality, or intensity: a poor grade of lumber.
3. An accepted level or standard.
4. A set of persons or things all falling in the same specified limits; a class.
a. A level of academic development in an elementary, middle, or secondary school: learned fractions in the fourth grade.
b. A group of students at such a level: The third grade has recess at 10:30.
c. grades Elementary school.
6. A number, letter, or symbol indicating a student's level of accomplishment: a passing grade in history.
7. A military, naval, or civil service rank.
8. The degree of inclination of a slope, road, or other surface: the steep grade of the mountain road.
9. A slope or gradual inclination, especially of a road or railroad track: slowed the truck when he approached the grade.
10. The level at which the ground surface meets the foundation of a building.
11. A domestic animal produced by crossbreeding one of purebred stock with one of ordinary stock.
12. Linguistics A degree of ablaut.
v. grad·ed, grad·ing, grades
1. To arrange in grades; sort or classify: How is motor oil graded?
a. To determine the quality of (academic work, for example); evaluate: graded the book reports.
b. To give a grade to (a student, for example).
3. To level or smooth to a desired or horizontal gradient: bulldozers graded the road.
4. To gradate.
5. To improve the quality of (livestock) by crossbreeding with purebred stock.
To change or progress gradually: piles of gravel that grade from coarse to fine.

[French, from Latin gradus; see ghredh- in Indo-European roots.]

grad′a·ble adj.
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1. capable of being graded
2. (Linguistics) linguistics denoting or relating to a word in whose meaning there is some implicit relationship to a standard: 'big' and 'small' are gradable adjectives.
(Linguistics) linguistics a word of this kind
ˌgradaˈbility, ˈgradableness n
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Adj.1.gradable - capable of being graded (for quality or rank or size etc.)
hierarchal, hierarchic, hierarchical - classified according to various criteria into successive levels or layers; "it has been said that only a hierarchical society with a leisure class at the top can produce works of art"; "in her hierarchical set of values honesty comes first"
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This kind of knowledge is distinct from propositional knowledge, but it exhibits a gradability characteristic of context-sensitivity, and admits of shifty thresholds.
where [] is the ICE power, [P.sub.em] is the EM power, i is gradability, and the others are the same as in (2).
Croft (2001) defines objects, properties, and actions in terms of four semantic properties: relationality, stativity, transitoriness, and gradability. Thus prototypically, nouns name things or objects, verbs denote processes or actions, and adjectives are modifiers and express properties.
Effects of Adjective Orientation and Gradability on Sentence Subjectivity.
It's the perfect trailer for all those special circumstances in which you're faced with loading low ground clearance or reduced gradability equipment or if you can't find a way to get your cargo down off a dock and onto your trailer.
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(1) Automation and gradability: Above all, CAPTCHA challenges must be generated and graded automatically by computers [8,10,16].
The 1.5 to three-tonne forklift, a product of India's Godrej, stood out for its engine power, superior acceleration and gradability, said head of trading and engineering Stephen Jayaray.