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a. A series of gradual, successive stages or degrees: the gradation of ranks in the army.
b. One of these stages or degrees: social gradations.
2. A gradual or barely perceptible change from one tone or shade, as of color, to another. See Synonyms at nuance.
3. The act of gradating or arranging in grades.
4. Linguistics See ablaut.

[Latin gradātiō, gradātiōn-, from gradus, step; see grade.]

gra·da′tion·al adj.
gra·da′tion·al·ly adv.
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Adj.1.gradational - taking place by degrees
gradual - proceeding in small stages; "a gradual increase in prices"
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Proceeding very slowly by degrees:
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The Takche Formation (Upper Ordovician-lower Silurian) has gradational contact with the underlying Thango (Shian Quartzite) Formation (?Early Ordovician) and is disconformably overlain by the ?Devonian Muth Quartzite (Bhargava & Bassi 1998; Draganits et al.
(1997), comprised four well-drained uniform or gradational textured soils formed on alluvium: Innisfail series, a Brown Dermosol (17.485122[degrees]S, 145.859047[degrees]E), Liverpool series, an Orthic Tenosol (17.454604[degrees]S, 145.864289[degrees]E), Tully series, a Brown Dermosol (17.481890[degrees]S, 145.858678[degrees]E) and Virgil series, a Red Kandosol (17.898027[degrees]S, I45.832213[degrees]E), and two red gradational textured soils formed on basalt, both Red Ferrosols: Pin Gin series (17.592257[degrees]S, 145.833088[degrees]E) and Tolga series (17.010557[degrees]S, 145.527065[degrees]E).
(189) And, as the inclusion of "pre-legal" systems, and my caveat, "from a present-day perspective" reveal, the concept of law is itself not only gradational but also fluid, varying from culture to culture and changing as a society changes.
In neonates gradational BVP and balloon annulus ratio not greater than 1.3 can significantly reduce incidence of PR in long term12-17.
1) through achieving the gradational goals (at the bottom of Fig.
While error rates were low, of purported errors in Level II forest classifications, all were between Mixed and the other two forest classes, meaning they could be due to only subtle gradational differences in forest composition and its interpretation.
They are brecciated along their margins (Figure 3(e)) to the scapolite metagabbro with a gradational contact.
Visually, such papers are less white; that is, they possess yellowish hue, leading to gradational distortions of printed images, visible in daylight.
Volcanic rocks become abundant up-section in the Oak Bay Formation and the contact with the overlying Waweig Formation, a sequence of moderately dipping, light pink, fossiliferous, fine-grained sandstone and siltstone interbedded with felsic and lesser mafic tuffs, is gradational (Fyffe et al.
The mutual complementarity of several layers is a natural driving force of the gradational pull of the A section.
The Hangu Formation has a conformable contact with the overlying Lockhart Formation while the Lockhart Limestone has a gradational contact with the shale of the Patala Formation.