grain field

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Noun1.grain field - a field where grain is growngrain field - a field where grain is grown  
corn field, cornfield - a field planted with corn
field - a piece of land cleared of trees and usually enclosed; "he planted a field of wheat"
wheat field, wheatfield - a field planted with wheat
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Insects ravaging grain fields, orchards or vineyards were cited to appeal by counsel before a civil tribunal, and after testimony, argument and condemnation, if they continued in contumaciam the matter was taken to a high ecclesiastical court, where they were solemnly excommunicated and anathematized.
Now for the "gold standard" of setup advice -- put your blind or pit in the lowest spot in a grain field. Pay the farmer NOT to harvest an acre or two around the blind and install a pump and flood the low spot.
I also decided that the best place to do this would be in the field behind the house, a large, open grain field separated from the Walts' rear windows by a convenient row of trees.
Image: Lightning dances in the sky over a grain field on Gore Hill near Great Falls, Mont.
But when we arrived at the grain field, the birds were already feeding.
The giant rubs and numerous scrapes that had appeared there in October revealed that some big bucks were using the timber as a favored travel route to and from a grain field and a thick bedding area where the clearcut ended.
Because the plot is so narrow, a stand placed more than 20 feet up and right on its edge will allow a steady wind to carry odors over the deer in the food plot and into the grain field.
In commenting on the account in Mark 2:23-28 about Pharisees criticizing the disciples of Jesus for eating grain on a Sabbath while walking through a grain field, Ehrman says, "[E]ating on this day is prohibited by Jewish Law." There is no Jewish law against eating on the Sabbath.
The raunchy Barbadian singer set pulses racing when she turned up to film her new video in a grain field in Bangor, Co Down.
Taking a grain field across the railroad tracks from the new 8,000-acre campus, Hopkins laid out the village naming the streets for Western literary greats such as Emerson and Kipling.
A superstitious man, Wang Chaoxu, of Qixian village, Yunnan, allegedly murdered Li Xuetang, whose dead body has been found buried in a grain field in a neighboring hamlet.
Each time keen marksmanship felled a bird, the "retriever cat" dashed into the grain field and dutifully brought it back.