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Noun1.grain merchant - a merchant who deals in food grainsgrain merchant - a merchant who deals in food grains
merchandiser, merchant - a businessperson engaged in retail trade
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He was a grain merchant and cattle-buyer, and was generally considered the most enterprising business man in our county.
M I R P U R K H A S -- Anjuman e Taajran and Grain Merchant Mirpurkhas here on Friday at Malik centre Mirpurkhas rally and meeting to express solidarity with Pakistan Army.
It was there that his Prague-born father, Adolph, decided to settle and came to prosper as a grain merchant. And it was there that Louis developed an abiding attachment to the American ideal of the level playing field.
Soren Schroder, chief executive officer of global grain merchant Bunge Ltd, said he expected a small cut in China's year-on-year soy imports due to the trade dispute.
Global grain merchant Bunge, which runs one of the largest milling operations in Mexico, booked the Argentine wheat purchase together with seven other buyers - even though it cost $1 or $2 more per tonne than U.S.
You can focus your training on a specific career path such as Grain Merchant, Farm Marketing, Grain Accounting and Grain Finance with full certification acquired upon completion of a multi-course program in your area of interest.
I realised quite early on that I am could be facing a delay, so I had an early conversation with the bank and my grain merchant to make them aware I might need support, and it was helpful that the lending facility was quickly made available when I did need to apply.
SHEENA Munro met grain merchant Dave, now 51, at a Young Farmers committee meeting at the Royal Highland Show.
A year later, Shadid took a leave of absence from the Washington Post to oversee renovations of the house, built by Shadid's great-grandfather Isber Samara, a grain merchant who had made a fortune during World War I.
The village once boasted a cooper, a wheelwright, a potter and a grain merchant.
Prior to that, all grain was hand-loaded and unloaded by laborers, or "Irish backs," as one grain merchant put it.
InVivo and Toepfer are also owners of UK grain merchant Gleadell with 50% each, Reuters said.