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a. A small, dry, one-seeded fruit of a cereal grass, having the fruit and the seed walls united: a single grain of wheat; gleaned the grains from the ground one at a time. Also called caryopsis.
b. The fruits of cereal grasses especially after having been harvested, considered as a group: The grain was stored in a silo.
a. A cereal grass: Wheat is a grain grown in Kansas.
b. Cereal grasses considered as a group: Grain is grown along the river.
a. A relatively small discrete particulate or crystalline mass: a grain of sand.
b. A small amount or the smallest amount possible: hasn't a grain of sense.
4. Aerospace A mass of solid propellant.
5. Abbr. gr. A unit of weight in the US Customary System, an avoirdupois unit equal to 0.002285 ounce (0.065 gram).
a. The markings, pattern, or texture of the fibrous tissue in wood: Cherry wood has a fine grain.
b. The direction of such markings: cut a board with the grain.
a. The side of a hide or piece of leather from which the hair or fur has been removed.
b. The pattern or markings on this side of leather.
8. The pattern produced, as in stone, by the arrangement of particulate constituents.
9. The relative size of the particles composing a substance or pattern: a coarse grain.
10. A painted, stamped, or printed design that imitates the pattern found in wood, leather, or stone.
11. The direction or texture of fibers in a woven fabric.
12. A state of fine crystallization.
a. Basic temperament or nature; disposition: It goes against my grain to ask for help.
b. An essential quality or characteristic: "Toughness as a virtue ... is, needless to say, fully embedded in the American grain" (Benjamin DeMott).
14. Archaic Color; tint.
v. grained, grain·ing, grains
1. To cause to form into grains; granulate.
2. To paint, stamp, or print with a design imitating the grain of wood, leather, or stone.
3. To give a granular or rough texture to.
4. To remove the hair or fur from (hides) in preparation for tanning.
To form grains: The corn began to grain.
against the grain
Contrary to custom, one's inclination, or good sense.
with a grain of salt
With reservations; skeptically: Take that advice with a grain of salt.

[Middle English, from Old French graine, from Latin grānum; see gr̥ə-no- in Indo-European roots.]

grain′er n.
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"See!" the Gifted and Honourable Editor exclaimed, pointing to that injunction - "I am a painter and grainer!"
But the 345-page report concluded that the operation was based on intelligence which contained 'serious inaccuracies, presenting a distorted picture and in some respects exaggerated picture of the threat Mr Grainer presented.' Commanding officers 'lacked the requisite level of professional competence', and planning was 'inadequate and ineffective,' the report, written by His Honour Judge Thomas Teague QC, stated.
Spinner Jamie Holmes picked up two wickets and conceded just six runs from his four-over stint with Danny Pennell (2-8), Todd Henderson (2-16) and Paul Grainer (1-7) helping seal victory.
The tinkling open theme tune for the series was written by Australian-born composer Ron Grainer, who also worked on many of the episodes of Doctor Who, and recorded at Olympic Studios in London.
BBC head of drama Sydney Newman is credited with creating the show, and Ron Grainer wrote the distinctive theme tune in the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and it was arranged by Delia Derbyshire.
Included in the discussion were Luca Paschina, winemaker and general manager, Fernando Franco, viticulturist, and Daniele Tessaro, associate winemaker, at Barboursville Vineyards in Barboursville, Va.; Rutger de Vink, owner, and Joshua Grainer, winemaker, at RdV Vineyards in Delaplane, Va.; and Jonathan Weber, winemaker, and Jim Law, wine grower, at Linden Vineyards in Linden, Va.
Total (all out) 188 Bowling: R Wood 4-57, S Wright 2-26, W Orchin 0-28, A McGuire 3-29, SHAUXWELL 0-16, R Dowens 1-11 PHILADEPHIA; S Smith b Grainger 6, S Hauxwell b Dodd 7, R Dowens lbw Grainger49, P Hollinshead b Grainger 20, P Greenwell c J Currie b Jayatiffa 5, CBraithwaite c D Currie b Grainger 21, J McBeth c Jayatiffa b Dodd 5, AMcGuire c Jayatiffa b Grainer 19, W Orchin b Grainger 11, R Wood notout 1, S Wright not out 0.
You had your 115s, your 124s, your 147s, and the one odd 127 grainer.
Gina and Ann, of Grainer Park, Newcastle, are doing the fundraising in memory of their late husbands Les and Billy who died some years ago.
The 80 grain SMK is about 31% more wind resistant than the then-popular 69 grainer it replaced at 600 yards.
CARLISLE UNITED v CRAWLEY TOWN Carlisle defend their recordunbeaten run at home without Danny Grainer (ban) and David Atkinson (calf).