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(Agriculture) a field where grain is cultivated



a field in which grain is grown.
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Noun1.grainfield - a field where grain is growngrainfield - a field where grain is grown  
corn field, cornfield - a field planted with corn
field - a piece of land cleared of trees and usually enclosed; "he planted a field of wheat"
wheat field, wheatfield - a field planted with wheat
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The author is a regular Contributor who lives in Grainfield, Kansas, with his wife and children.
The following applicants for award of Grainfield status also participated and showed their level of preparedness,Habib Rafiq (Pvt.
A rule that applies to the Grainfield, Kansas, police department also applies at FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.
It's real natural quail cover, broken creek bottoms and grainfield edges where you can easily have the opportunity to work eight or more coveys in a morning's hunt.
In addition to Quinter, the co-op has elevators in Collyer, Park, Grainfield, WaKeeney, Ogallah, Voda, Bogne, Hill City, Morland, Penokee and Studley.
If you can find a walk-in hunting area that borders a grainfield, you've found a great spot," says Kansas' Mark Sexson.
Idaho 1989) (farmer applied pesticide to grainfield, killing birds that fed upon it).
Come dawn, they move to their feeding area, commonly an open grainfield.