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adj. grain·i·er, grain·i·est
1. Made of or resembling grain; granular.
2. Resembling the grain of wood.
3. Having a granular appearance, as from the clumping of particles in the emulsion of a photograph.

grain′i·ness n.
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Noun1.graininess - the quality of being composed of relatively large particles
raggedness, roughness - a texture of a surface or edge that is not smooth but is irregular and uneven
sandiness - a texture resembling that of sand
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Google's Super Res Zoom is a computational adjustment that removes graininess when you zoom.
Even though today's camera's are so high quality that most people can't even appreciate their clarity with the naked eye, there are still those who enjoy the old-school aesthetics of analogue cameras you had to load with film: The graininess of the images, the occasional flare of light.
The chapters that rely heavily on biographical detail, alternatively, do so at the cost of losing the historical graininess that Hickman deploys here with such force.
Usually it's just a dim fuzz ball, but occasionally it acts as if it almost wants to resolve in the 10-inch, showing considerable graininess. I have never, however, actually resolved its stars from the backyard.
Meanwhile, low-light shots still give decent results, albeit with some graininess and noise especially without the flash:
If you've got a penchant for watching clips of early '90s Cardiff games on YouTube, you might be able to spot me on the last gate of the Bob Bank closest to the Grange End, the garishness of my oversized club-issued shellsuit not dulled by the graininess of the footage.
The kare-kare was enticingly presented, with all the greens on top, but the oxtail could have used another boiling, and the sauce was too thick (it was not the graininess that was the problem-this I actually quite liked, and is a sign that the cook is not spooning Skippy into the pot).
The line running from the top to bottom of the display was easily visible, but the graininess was a tad more difficult to discern.
Researchers observed that the treatment group reduced skin roughness and graininess up to 50% and 34%, respectively, compared to the placebo group.