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Occult learning; magic.

[Middle English gramarie, probably from Old French gramaire, grammar, book of magic; see grammar.]


(ˈɡræmərɪ) or


(Alternative Belief Systems) archaic magic, necromancy, or occult learning
[C14: from Old French gramaire grammar]


An old word for magic or the occult.
References in classic literature ?
There were fireflies abroad that night, too, increasing the gramarye of it.
Atlanta, GA, October 02, 2018 --( Today, two Atlanta-based startups, Gramarye Media and Monetizr, have announced a partnership.
Gramarye Media is cross-media entertainment studio discovering, incubating, vetting, producing, and distributing original content, including books, films, games, AR and VR, merchandise.
''He's going to be kicking himself for missing 'gramarye,''' tournament director John Chew said after the play.
(lines 1-6) The difference between men's and women's talk, and the association of the former with rules, is also interestingly recorded in the very word "grammar" and its historical variant, gramarye, which once denoted occult learning.
The book of spells is at the center of the Lay in such a way that "glamour" and "gramarye," etymologically linked words implying the misleading properties of language in the wrong hands, represent the dangerous "magic" that can be unleashed by the improper use or circulation of text.
poverty seem riches, and idleness industry, and fraud enterprise; some of these cunning magicians set themselves about concocting a new species of gramarye, by means of which the millions of acres of wild land which were left on their hands might be turned into bona fide cash--paper cash at least, to meet certain times of payment of certain moneys borrowed at certain rates of interest during the fervour of the speculating mania.
It includes exclusive tracks from David Bowie (The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell) and Chumbawamba (Mary Mary) plus contributions from Remy Zero (Gramarye), Massive Attack (Inertia Creeps) and the Afro Celt Sound System featuring Sinead O'Connor (Release).
A full roster of industry experts will support the day, including Stanislav Shkilnyi of Crogan Filmworks, LLC, a Film Sales Company, John Adcox of Gramarye Media, Inc., Drew Waters and Erin Bethea of Argentum Entertainment, Chris DeBlasio of Agency 850, Chris Helton of Silver Line Films, Inc., Karen Rands of Kugarand Capital Holdings, and Eileen O'Neill of EY.
Gradually he began to realise that the world was not yet ready for the manic onomatomancy of General Semantics, or for the gramarye of Dex, Lex, Rex and Tex.
Scott as much as says this when the same necromantic power that is called "glamour" in the page-reading scene is spelled, in the very next stanza, "gramarye." Again he provides a short translation--"magic"--at the bottom of the page, but no explanation of the necromantic or etymological relation between "glamour" and "grammar." Surprisingly, we find the most pertinent etymological account of the word in Ong, though it makes no explicit reference to Scott or the Lay.
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