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Occult learning; magic.

[Middle English gramarie, probably from Old French gramaire, grammar, book of magic; see grammar.]


(ˈɡræmərɪ) or


(Alternative Belief Systems) archaic magic, necromancy, or occult learning
[C14: from Old French gramaire grammar]


An old word for magic or the occult.
References in classic literature ?
There were fireflies abroad that night, too, increasing the gramarye of it.
The difference between men's and women's talk, and the association of the former with rules, is also interestingly recorded in the very word "grammar" and its historical variant, gramarye, which once denoted occult learning.
poverty seem riches, and idleness industry, and fraud enterprise; some of these cunning magicians set themselves about concocting a new species of gramarye, by means of which the millions of acres of wild land which were left on their hands might be turned into bona fide cash--paper cash at least, to meet certain times of payment of certain moneys borrowed at certain rates of interest during the fervour of the speculating mania.
Gradually he began to realise that the world was not yet ready for the manic onomatomancy of General Semantics, or for the gramarye of Dex, Lex, Rex and Tex.