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Noun1.grammatical rule - a linguistic rule for the syntax of grammatical utterances
linguistic rule, rule - (linguistics) a rule describing (or prescribing) a linguistic practice
transformation - a rule describing the conversion of one syntactic structure into another related syntactic structure
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It is a mental process that relies on relating the learners' experience to the grammatical rule.
I'm wondering when the grammatical rule about not ending a sentence with a preposition will disappear.
Speakers of the French language are still taught in school the grammatical rule that the masculine gender takes precedence over the feminine gender.
I suggest that question A violates a grammatical rule (viz.
Clahsen and Hong (1995) are aware of the difference between NNSs with the targeted grammatical rule and those without it.
In his earliest and most celebrated book, Syntactic Structures (1957) Chomsky covered up an inconsistency in his theory by publishing a statement about the grammatical rule for passive voice, even though he knew from other work of his own that the statement was untrue.
Its use therefore has dual motivation: the fact that it is governed by grammatical rule, and that its use in certain contexts is learned.
There seems to be a grammatical rule requiring that the three components increase or decrease together," Martins says.
As a consequence, Esperanto has just one article, three tenses and 16 grammatical rules, with no exceptions.
The text from second language is translated into local language; vocabulary and grammatical rules are memorized (Thanasoulas, 2002).
ly/lWqgCPf) It can be hard sometimes, when speaking, to remember all of the grammatical rules that guide us when we're writing.