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tr.v. gram·mat·i·cal·ized, gram·mat·i·cal·iz·ing, gram·mat·i·cal·iz·es
To change (a content word) into a function word or a grammatical affix.

gram·mat′i·cal·i·za′tion (-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
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Names of geometrical parts of physical objects (like 'side', 'part', 'edge') grammaticalizing into designations of the basic localizations.
Ibrahim suggests that young people who perform using Global Hip-Hop Nation Language are examples of what he calls "new cultural theorists." He invites academics to listen to youth, whose "theorizing is grounded in an interdisciplinarity of radical possibilities, innovative grammaticalizing, and social consciousness." Notably, Ibrahim offers just one keyword in his paper--critical theorist--and, in so doing, breaks with the outline of the other work in the forum, an important instantiation of Ibrahim's argument to pursue radical possibilities.
Upper Sorbian has been in contact with German for many centuries and it is therefore not surprising that it has almost replicated the German indefinite article by grammaticalizing the numeral jedyn 'one' into the contracted monosyllabic indefinite article jen that is used in indefinite specific, indefinite non-specific and generic contexts.
Tracking the constraints on a grammaticalizing perfect(ive).
The energic itself does not form by grammaticalizing or incorporating independent material.
2009 A Diachronic Study of the Spanish Perfect(ive): Tracking the Constraints on a Grammaticalizing Construction.
She illustrates some of these mechanisms with PDE modals, since they are the end-results of a series of grammaticalizing changes undergone by a group of OE verbs, widely studied in the literature (Lightfoot 1979; Plank 1984; Heine 1993; Warner 1993), such as desemanticization, metaphorical extensions, subjectification (the encoding of the speaker's subjective stance with respect to what is being said), decategoriali%ation (loss of morphosyntactic properties), paradigmaticization (tightening and reduction of the paradigm that a form belongs to) and coalescence (reduction of phonological independence and erosion), among others.
The expressions have not been subject to a separate study before, but their formulaic structure has repeatedly prompted the hypothesis that the forms appearing in the expressions are noun forms that have grammaticalized or are grammaticalizing into postpositions.
Is the construction Se nao me engano grammaticalizing? Alfa, Sao Paulo, v.52, n.1, p.179-193, 2008.
Some cases seem clear, but others will be disputable because there are no theory-independent criteria for determining the status of grammaticalizing or morphologizing elements.
The paper builds a case for the existence of a particular type of adaptation in areal grammaticalization, grammaticalizing metatypy (for the notion of grammaticalizing metatypy, see Heine & Kuteva,) in a particular language-contact area, the Bantu-Nilotic borderland in Eastern Africa.
New cultural theorists are putting semiotics into practice and grammaticalizing (in other words, creating, regularizing, and normalizing their own conventions and grammar) their own musical, cultural, and linguistic rules and styles (Alim).