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1. Of or relating to grammar.
2. Conforming to the rules of grammar: a grammatical sentence.

[Late Latin grammaticālis, from Latin grammaticus, from Greek grammatikos, of letters; see grammar.]

gram·mat′i·cal′i·ty (-kăl′ĭ-tē) n.
gram·mat′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.grammatically - in a grammatical manner; "this child already speaks grammatically"
ungrammatically - in an ungrammatical manner; "this child speaks ungrammatically"
dilbilgisi kurallarına uygun olarak


[grəˈmætɪkəlɪ] ADV [write] → bien, correctamente
grammatically correctcorrecto gramaticalmente
it's grammatically correct to saydesde el punto de vista gramático, es correcto decir ...


[grəˈmætɪkəli] adv
[correct] → du point de vue grammatical


adv write, speakgrammat(ikal)isch richtig or korrekt; grammatically correctgrammat(ikal)isch richtig; grammatically, this sentence is wrongdieser Satz ist grammat(ikal)isch falsch; grammatically, his work is poorvon der Grammatik her ist seine Arbeit schlecht


[grəˈmætɪklɪ] advgrammaticalmente


(ˈgrӕmə) noun
1. the rules for forming words and for combining words to form sentences. He's an expert on French grammar.
2. a description or collection of the rules of grammar. Could you lend me your Latin grammar?; (also adjective) a grammar book.
3. a person's use of grammatical rules. This essay is full of bad grammar.
gramˈmatical (-ˈmӕ-) adjective
1. (negative ungrammatical) correct according to the rules of grammar. a grammatical sentence.
2. of (a) grammar. a grammatical rule.
gramˈmatically adverb
grammar school
1. a type of secondary school.
2. (American) a primary school.

grammar ends in -ar (not -er).
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Finally, I say to Dr MacMillan, I would rather be grammatically alliterate than politically illiberal.
But, of course, no solicitor would send a message that is so poorly constructed and grammatically incorrect with such sparse detail.
The anti-Welsh comments of Anne Robinson and AA Gill seem like high praise when compared with the vicious views of this person who could not even take the trouble to invent a grammatically correct pseudonym.
Interestingly, the Seraiki language spoken in these two districts is more accurate, plain, clear without kinks and grammatically correct compared to the language spoken in the rest of the proposed Seraiki province.
While "False news is not your friend" works grammatically, Facebook's commodity is your vast network of friends.
They included typos, awkward or grammatically incorrect foreign expressions on signs.
Sunday night, Twitter was abuzz with the president's latest grammatical folly when he tweeted his unbridled praise for an article, written by Michael Goodwin in the New York Post, where he misspelled "consequential" with "consensual." The tweet since then has been replaced with a grammatically correct one.
Kiosk IT's screens are not interactive, but are pro- grammatically controlled through Nearbuy's platform.
"This hashtag is grammatically incorrect but (I'm going to) join in anyway," one person posted, before sharing a flurry of selfies.
We hope that Edanz will provide AAAS authors with access to a reliable language editing option, ensuring that author documents are clean and grammatically correct."
It allows users to do editorial corrections on conversations in iMessage through its collection of grammatically correct stickers.
He went on: "As someone who relies on the well-aimed letter - and relishes the ones in return - I can only say how strongly I feel that the logical ordering of thoughts in proper, grammatically correct prose is in fact rather important at the end of the day."