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n. Chiefly British
Variant of gram1.
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(Units) a variant spelling of gram1
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a metric unit of mass or weight equal to 15.432 grains; 1/1000 of a kilogram. Abbr.: g, gr, gr. Also, esp. Brit., gramme.
[1790–1800; < French gramme < Late Latin gramma a small weight < Greek grámma something drawn, a small weight]



any of several beans, as the chickpea or mung bean, used as food.
[1695–1705; < Portuguese grão < Latin grānum grain]


a combining form meaning “something written, drawn, or plotted” ( diagram; epigram); “a written or drawn symbol or sequence of symbols” (ideogram; pentagram); “a message” (telegram); “an image or graphic record made by an instrument or as part of a diagnostic procedure” ( electrocardiogram).Compare -graph.
[< Greek -gramma, comb. form of grámma something written or drawn]


a combining form of gram 1 : kilogram.


a combining form extracted from telegram, used in the titles of newsletters, direct-mail solicitations, etc. (culturegram; electiongram) or the names, sometimes humorous, of personally delivered messages or gifts ( candygram; strippergram).


1. grammar.
2. grammatical.
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Noun1.gramme - a metric unit of weight equal to one thousandth of a kilogram
metric weight unit, weight unit - a decimal unit of weight based on the gram
obolus - a Greek unit of weight equal to one tenth of a gram
carat - a unit of weight for precious stones = 200 mg
dag, decagram, dekagram, dkg - 10 grams
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[græm] N (Brit) → gramo m
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[ˈgræm] ngramme m
500 grammes of cheese → cinq cents grammes de fromage
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Amongst us a simpleton, possessed by the demon of hate or cupidity, who has an enemy to destroy, or some near relation to dispose of, goes straight to the grocer's or druggist's, gives a false name, which leads more easily to his detection than his real one, and under the pretext that the rats prevent him from sleeping, purchases five or six grammes of arsenic -- if he is really a cunning fellow, he goes to five or six different druggists or grocers, and thereby becomes only five or six times more easily traced; -- then, when he has acquired his specific, he administers duly to his enemy, or near kinsman, a dose of arsenic which would make a mammoth or mastodon burst, and which, without rhyme or reason, makes his victim utter groans which alarm the entire neighborhood.
The maximum gold grade for the waste rock samples was 6.5 gramme of gold per tonne of ore from the North British Reef, and the assayed materials was a host rock slate that did not contain any quarts content.
1 (Petra) -- Prices of 21-karat gold, the highest demand at local market, stood at JD26.3 per gramme, an official said Wednesday.
In Qatar, with every purchase of diamond jewellery worth QR500, customers will get 2 raffle coupons and with every gold jewellery purchase worth QR500 will get one raffle coupon that will entitle them to enter in a raffle draw to get a chance to win 100 gramme gold bars.
Police also arrested 12 other drug peddlers from various places and recovered 353 litre liquor, 150 gramme heroin and 240 gramme hashish from their possession.
The current price of a gramme of 22 carat gold is QR135, and QR140 for a gramme of
Users have to register and the drug will only be sold at licensed pharmacies at around 75c a gramme.
The price of 21-carat gold in Bahrain has dropped to an average of BD13 ($33.6) and BD13.8 per gramme this year, as against the average price of BD16 per gramme in 2011 and BD22.5 last year.
Selon les etudes, une tonne de charbon produit une energie equivalente a 14 000 unites d'energie-par gramme alors qu'une tonne de mazoute produit 10 500 unites-grammes qu'une tonne de gaz naturel produit et 10 040 unites-grammes.
One shake of the salt cellar delivers about half a gramme of salt.
From 2014 to the end of 2018, the first gramme beyond the limits will cost 5 per vehicle.