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n. Informal
A grandfather.

[Alteration of grandpa.]
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So perhaps you are wearing a tank top to your improv troupe's turkey dinner, ordering Chinese food with your life partner, barbecuing tofu dogs with your hairdresser, or doing Jell-O shots with Grampa (again).
Hi, Grampa,'' he said, "I just got back from my first solo flight.
Kidney Research UK: PS10 Loving memories of Frank Thompson, a dear father and grampa, who died April 1992.
The folkie influence is most prominent, represented not only by renditions of ``John Henry'' and Grampa Pete's lovely, relevant-yet-again anthem ``Quite Early Morning,'' but also a trio of new protest songs with snotty wordplay that could've used a few more rewrites.
That's all Grampa will say when a little boy tries to find out what secret his grandfather has waiting for him.
As a teenager he helped care for his grampa Johnny which got him into working with the elderly at St Mark's Care Home.
He was the kind of man you called grandfather, not grampa.
Alzheimer Scotland: PS10 Loving memories of Frank Thompson, a dear father, fatherin-law and grampa, who died April 21, 1992.
Grounds for disaster: Travis (Nathan Lawrence) and Grampa Max (Jerry Van Dyke) accidentally reanimate Frankenstein, Dracula and the Mummy in ``You Wish.
Hero also plans to sponsor A Day at the Fair and the Grampa Cratchet Puppetmobile.
Nana & Grampa Blanchard, Nana & Grampa Olson & Barbara Girard$150
Cancer Research UK: PS15 In loving memory of Frank Livingston, a great dad and grampa.