grand piano

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grand piano

A piano having the strings strung in a horizontal harp-shaped frame supported usually on three legs.

grand piano

(Instruments) a form of piano in which the strings are arranged horizontally. Grand pianos exist in three sizes. Compare baby grand, boudoir grand, concert grand, upright piano

grand′ pian′o

a piano having the frame supported horizontally on three legs.
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Noun1.grand piano - a piano with the strings on a horizontal harp-shaped framegrand piano - a piano with the strings on a horizontal harp-shaped frame; usually supported by three legs
concert grand, concert piano - a grand piano suitable for concert performances
leg - one of the supports for a piece of furniture
forte-piano, piano, pianoforte - a keyboard instrument that is played by depressing keys that cause hammers to strike tuned strings and produce sounds
بيانو كَبيربيانو كَبير فاخِر
kuyruklu piano

grand piano

npianoforte m a coda


(grӕnd) adjective
1. splendid; magnificent. a grand procession.
2. proud. She gives herself grand airs.
3. very pleasant. a grand day at the seaside.
4. highly respected. a grand old man.
nounplural grand
a slang term for $1,000 or 1,000. I paid five grand for that car.
grand finale
the final act or scene in a show etc, usually with all the actors, singers etc on the stage.
grand jury
in the United States, a jury which decides whether there is enough evidence for a person to be brought to trial.
grand piano
a type of piano with a large flat top shaped like a harp.
ˈgrandstand noun
rows of raised seats at a sports ground etc. We watched the sports meeting from the grandstand; (also adjective) grandstand seats; We had a grandstand (= a very good) view of the parade.
grand total
the final total; the total of several smaller totals.


(piˈӕnəu) plural piˈanos noun
a large musical instrument played by pressing keys which make hammers strike stretched wires. She plays the piano very well; (also adjective) piano music.
pianist (ˈpiənist) noun
a person who plays the piano.
piˌano-acˈcordion noun
a type of accordion with a keyboard like that of a piano.
pianoforte (piӕnəuˈfoːti) noun
a piano.
grand piano
a large piano in which the wires are stretched horizontally.
References in classic literature ?
Between a grand piano and a centre-table piled high with books was space for a half a dozen to walk abreast, yet he essayed it with trepidation.
The builder refused genially, as he did everything else: he treated the matter as something in the nature of a practical joke, and wanted to know if Ethan meditated buying a grand piano or adding a "cupolo" to his house; offering, in the latter case, to give his services free of cost.
Even when the sun shines brilliantly, it seldom touches the grand piano in the recess, or the folio music-books on the stand, or the book-shelves on the wall, or the unfinished picture of a blooming schoolgirl hanging over the chimneypiece; her flowing brown hair tied with a blue riband, and her beauty remarkable for a quite childish, almost babyish, touch of saucy discontent, comically conscious of itself.
Perker had had a dinner-party that day, as was testified by the appearance of lights in the drawing-room windows, the sound of an improved grand piano, and an improvable cabinet voice issuing therefrom, and a rather overpowering smell of meat which pervaded the steps and entry.
Across the baby grand piano lay the corpse of another black warrior, while before the door of Lady Jane's boudoir were the dead bodies of three more of the faithful Greystoke servants.
A coal stove glowed at either end of the room, and the grand piano in the middle stood open.
That was to say, whether it was a sack of potatoes, a grand piano, or a seven-passenger touring car, it came into being only by the performance of work.
We would take a grand piano, and--and--a copy of Browning.
The well-furnished drawing-room, with the open grand piano, and the pleasant outlook down a sloping garden to a boat-house by the side of the Floss, is Mr.
Laurence standing before the fire in the great drawing room, by Jo's attention was entirely absorbed by a grand piano, which stood open.
Her roses faded out of her cheeks, and the pretty freshness left her figure after the birth of a couple of children, and she became a mere machine in her husband's house of no more use than the late Lady Crawley's grand piano. Being a light-complexioned woman, she wore light clothes, as most blondes will, and appeared, in preference, in draggled sea-green, or slatternly sky-blue.
Finally, becoming cataleptic, she has to be carried up the narrow staircase like a grand piano. After unspeakable suffering, productive of the utmost consternation, she is pronounced, by expresses from the bedroom, free from pain, though much exhausted, in which state of affairs Mr.