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(ˈɡrænˌdæd) or




(ˈɡrænˌdædɪ) or


n, pl -dads or -daddies
informal words for grandfather
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Noun1.grandad - the father of your father or mothergrandad - the father of your father or mother
grandparent - a parent of your father or mother
ded o


granddad [ˈgrændæd] Nabuelo m
yes, grand(d)adsí, abuelo


(ˈgrӕndӕd) noun
a grandfather.
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When my grandad was demobbed he obtained employment at Newport Docks as a security guard - or "day watchman" as it was termed then.
Alan Byrne stole model trains which his grandad, Desmond Byrne, 82, had been collecting for 70 years.
The Alexander star told the congregation that his grandad, Jimmy Monaghan, 89, was 'a true gentleman' and the 'most beautiful of men'.
O xx FLYNN STEPHEN Happy fathers day to the best grandad in the world lots of love always Lacey xx N.
Gary Tutton Welwyn Garden City, Herts My grandson, Charlie, who is five and a half, was sitting at the table having lunch with his mum and great-grandad when he suddenly noticed that his grandad had a hearing aid in.
In loving memory of a dear father and grandad, Albert, who passed away 13th March 2009.
PAYNE Alexander In memory of a dear dad and grandad, great grandad and great great grandad, who died one year ago today, a day does not go by when we don't think of you, miss you loads.
In loving memory of Jimmy, dad, grandad and great grandad, who was reunited with mam (Ethel).
Is there a chance of reproducing it in your column, as it must be someone''s grandad or great-grandad?
Grandad Alf (in the trilby) with his plak Teddy Gustrey outside The Gate pub.
The story involves Grandad, a recently retired deep-sea sailor, who arrives at the Kingfisher Retirement Home to be faced by a motley bunch of characters in residence.
Love you always, Olivia, Lacey & Leyton xxx BOYD JOE Have a great day grandad we love you.