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 (grănd′ănt′, -änt′)


another name for great-aunt


(ˈgrændˌænt, -ˌɑnt)

an aunt of one's father or mother; great-aunt.
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Noun1.grandaunt - an aunt of your father or mother
aunt, auntie, aunty - the sister of your father or mother; the wife of your uncle
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I've seen a Southerner on being introduced to the King of England hand that monarch, without batting his eyes, the information that his grandaunt on his mother's side was related by marriage to the Perkinses, of Charleston.
The RTE star's grandaunt on his father's side, Temperance Ayde Curran, married William Cruise - a possible cousin of the Mission Impossible actor.
We'd just visited my grandaunt in Miami Beach, the last time we would ever see her.
I watch enviously as owners display antique chairs or dressers bequeathed to them by a grandmother or grandaunt.