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also gran·dad·dy (grăn′dăd′ē)
n. pl. grand·dad·dies also gran·dad·dies Informal
1. A grandfather.
2. One that is the first, oldest, or most respected of its kind: the granddaddy of modern computers.


(ˈgrænˌfɑ ðər, ˈgrænd-)

1. the father of one's father or mother.
2. a male ancestor.
grand′fa`ther•ly, adj.
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Noun1.granddaddy - the father of your father or mothergranddaddy - the father of your father or mother
grandparent - a parent of your father or mother
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More than 50,000 people from around the globe are streaming into the Dallas Convention Center for the granddaddy of all outdoor expos - the annual convention of the Dallas Safari Club, which two years ago auctioned off a permit to kill a rare African rhino.
There are many cycle route planners that look slicker than CycleStreets, but this is the granddaddy.
Meanwhile, after manning the sound decks with Radio DJ Nick Grimshaw, best international female solo artist Taylor Swift and singer Ellie Goulding cosied up to granddaddy of rock, Rolling Stone Mick Jagger who was at the bash.
As he put in his detailed, rambling, entertaining life story on his website: "My granddaddy's granddaddy's granddaddy was born in Caswell County in 1795.
Dr Stafford said: "Tetris is the granddaddy of puzzle games like Candy Crush saga - the things that keep us puzzling away for hours, days and weeks.
Granddaddy began to take shape earlier this winter when the Gilman farmer needed to move mounting snow piles away from his greenhouses.
Granddaddy shakes out salt and pepper on the fried eggs that are already on his plate.
Watching Granddaddy in that defeated state I was reminded of a line from Yeats' poem, "Sailing to Byzantium":
Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, McDonnell honed her singing skills in her dad's country band while getting an once-in-a-lifetime education at the granddaddy of all outdoor music festivals, Woodstock.
But the irony is that Sony once owned Winterland Merchandising--the granddaddy of music merchandising companies founded by the late Bill Graham and run for Graham (and later) by Dell Furano.
Oliver William Myers who is, was, and always will be my Granddaddy.
So, the next time you want your granddaddy s rusted old revolver, pistol, rifle Or shotgun made to look new, please understand the process is not something that happens overnight or something a gunsmith waves his hand over and a in a few hours, a beautifully restored firearm mysteriously appears.