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Pompous or bombastic speech or expression.

[From grandiloquent, from Latin grandiloquus : grandis, great + loquī, to speak; see tolkw- in Indo-European roots.]

gran·dil′o·quent adj.
gran·dil′o·quent·ly adv.
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Adv.1.grandiloquently - in a rhetorically grandiloquent mannergrandiloquently - in a rhetorically grandiloquent manner; "the orator spoke magniloquently"


[grænˈdɪləkwəntlɪ] ADVcon grandilocuencia, con altisonancia


adv speakhochtrabend; announcegroßspurig; expressed, phrased, describedhochtrabend, grandios
References in classic literature ?
Zdrzhinski, the officer with the long mustache, spoke grandiloquently of the Saltanov dam being "a Russian Thermopylae," and of how a deed worthy of antiquity had been performed by General Raevski.
I beg to suggest, with great respect, that your excellency should buy it, and thus quench the noble literary thirst which is consuming you at this moment," he concluded grandiloquently.
Fanny,' returned her father, grandiloquently, 'give me leave, my dear.
Graves, not realizing how derivative of FitzGerald's work his translation indeed was, grandiloquently titled his edition, which he released with Doubleday in 1968, The Original Rubaiyyat of Omar Khayyam.
Its solicitors, whom Kenge grandiloquently defends as the "flower of the Bar, and.
it's rare to encounter a female protagonist who throws her weight around quite so grandiloquently as Harriet Burden, a heroine who is--well, more like the hero of a Philip Roth or a Saul Bellow novel.
Men tell each other with bated breath that 'The Tribune says this'" forgetting that The Tribune is only Hobson "speaking grandiloquently through a resonant mouthpiece" (15).
Even if some of his empirical claims could not be sustained, it was nevertheless our ingenious amateur from Levallois who proved best able to grasp the "LOI DU PROGRES DE L'HUMANITE"--so grandiloquently proclaimed by the tenor of transformism during the Exposition universelle of 1867 (Mortillet 1867:368, original caps)--and transform it from an abstract petition of principle into a productive research programme on the nature and pace of human (pre)historic development.
The first prototypes of the car, grandiloquently called the "Devrim" ("revolution"), were duly developed, and their unveiling scheduled to coincide with the annual Republic Day parade in Ankara.
When it came to me, he declared grandiloquently that "in his veins runs the blood of Asian martyrs.
It's one thing to claim grandiloquently to represent the future, to be the future, ever glorious and ever distant.
When the Knight of the Wood's squire serves Sancho some wine that Sancho correctly identifies as hailing from Ciudad Real, Sancho grandiloquently extols his own abilities to distinguish wines based on their smell " No sera bueno, senor escudero, que tenga yo un instinto tan grande y tan natural en esto de conocer vinos, que en dandorne a oler cualquiera, acierto la patria, el linaje, el sabor, y la dura, y las vueltas que ha de dar, con todas las circunstancias ai vino atafiederas?