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 (grăn′dē-ōs′, grăn′dē-ōs′)
1. Characterized by greatness of scope or intent; grand: a grandiose plan to develop the city's waterfront.
2. Characterized by excessive self-importance or affected grandeur; pompous: "It's important ... for judges not to be rattled by political attacks into grandiose assertions of judicial supremacy" (Jeffrey Rosen).

[French, from Italian grandioso, from grande, great, from Latin grandis.]

gran′di·ose′ly adv.
gran′di·os′i·ty (-ŏs′ĭ-tē) n.
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Adv.1.grandiosely - in a grandiose manner; "the building was bombastically spacious"
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adv remarkgrandios (also pej); nameschwülstig
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Lidenbrock's financially challenged Traite de Cristallographie Transcendante is for the moment modestly 'inoctavo' and not grandiosely 'grand-folio' as it will be in 1867.
Davis has shown, other novellas in the Heptameron offer parallels with common types of pardon tales or "lettres de remission."(I8) Here in novella 32 we have a grandiosely transposed version of the King's compassionate gesture toward criminals as long as they repent and mend their ways.
One member of the Republican state executive committee, Ernest Angelo, Jr., commented grandiosely to the Austin American Statesmen: "The people of Williamson County may feel like the last line of defense"
A deal that seeks a final settlement of the Israel-Palestine conflict, but a plan that Palestinian leaders have grandiosely declared will avoid at all costs.
Rome grandiosely proclaimed September 23 the birthday of Emperor Augustus: "the birthday of the god marked the beginning of the good news for the world." Luke contradicts this propaganda by saying that it is the coming of Jesus that is the real good news and the cause of true joy.
Kaplag in terms of language is rather new that's why it is not as magnificently and grandiosely participated by many, he said.
He announces grandiosely: "We've been in court 82 times and we have lost 82 times, statistically impossible." Manure.
Not even a single grandee strutting over the national political landscape so grandiosely is looked up to with any expectation or hope by the mass of the people.
I was surprised to receive a communication from a CE of a large local body signed grandiosely EX PA SCE.
movie houses for just two days in a presentation grandiosely dubbed "Theatrofilm." Captained by the dynamic Scott Shepherd, the Wooster thesps stage a simultaneous performance of "Hamlet" while the incomplete film plays on a rear screen, regularly shattering any semblance of a fourth wall to comment wryly on the process.
It was an unforgettable thrill for him one day to row on Lake Geneva with the boatman who had taken Byron out in the storm grandiosely written up in Childe Harold.
He continues, under the guise of Brave Captain, to make grandiosely personal, experimental pop music that would enrich anyone's life.