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 (grănd′sīr′, grăn′-)
1. The male grandparent of an animal, especially a domesticated animal such as a horse.
2. also grand·sir (-sər) Archaic
a. A grandfather.
b. A male ancestor; a forefather.
c. An old man.
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(ˈɡrænˌsaɪə; ˈɡrænd-)
1. an archaic word for grandfather
2. (Music, other) bell-ringing a well-established method used in change-ringing. See method4
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1. Chiefly Dial. grandfather.
2. Archaic.
b. an aged man.
[1250–1300; Middle English graunt-sire < Anglo-French]
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``but my grandsire drew a good long bow at Hastings, and I trust not to dishonour his memory.''
``The foul fiend on thy grandsire and all his generation!'' interrupted John , ``shoot, knave, and shoot thy best, or it shall be the worse for thee!''
``My grandsire,'' said Hubert, ``drew a good bow at the battle of Hastings, and never shot at such a mark in his life and neither will I.
These twenty nobles I leave to Hubert, who has this day drawn as brave a bow as his grandsire did at Hastings.
The good looks, gallant bearing, and gentlemanlike appearance of the boy won the grandsire's heart for him.
When they met at dinner the grandsire used to ask the lad what he had been reading during the day, and was greatly interested at the report the boy gave of his own studies, pretending to understand little George when he spoke regarding them.
"Nay, nay, let us show respect to the good grandsire," said Bullivant, laughing.
The Hanwoo data comprised of paternal grandsire halfsib pedigrees, with 361 steers produced from 39 sires that were sired by 17 grandsires.
These were crossed in a paternal half-sib design, with 52 plants designated as sires (grandsires of the seeds eventually measured) and a distinct, randomly chosen set of three plants designated as dams mated to each ([ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED]; generation 0).
Perhaps his turn of early foot owes something to Raggabone's grandsires Daleys Gold and Greenpark Fox, both sprint specialists, although Raggabone's open wins over 480, 620 and 685m showed her liking for longer trips.
Before we look at the achievements of Danehill and Zafonic, a word about grandsires. While Danzig's name leaps off the page as a sire of sires, this does not mean that all of his sons are equal and can be lumped into one group.
It was a magnificent result for Nick Savva, who has at last won the Derby with a home-bred, and while the winner's Australian grandsires reflect changes in the breeding scene since the kennel's early triumphs, his pedigree contains the traditional Westmead lines productive of his father Sonic Flight and great grand-sire Mustang Jack.