Granite ware

A kind of stoneware.
A Kind of ironware, coated with an enamel resembling granite.

See also: Granite, Granite

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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When we were going to New Salem, or The Home Place, it had blue Granite Ware plates and cups, two-pronged bone-handle forks (which were rather messy, or at least I was) and napkins.
Granite Ware, Mirro, and Presto canners have cover locks that prevent the cover from being lifted while the canner is under pressure.
Last year, the company moved into an upgraded distribution facility, which, coupled with the charges incurred by the sale of its Granite Ware cookware business, resulted in an income decline to $39,000 in 1998, from $662,000 in 1997.
When adjusted to exclude the sales of its Granite Ware cookware division disposed of on March 31, 1998, comparable first quarter sales were $18.7 million.
Restructuring during the year included the sale of GHC's Granite Ware business; the changeover to a new distribution center; and the ongoing Year 2000 project, which includes the revision of the company's information systems.
Most recently, GHC sold its Granite Ware cookware division to CCC Colombian Home Products.
In an effort to prune unprofitable segments of the business, GHC sold its Granite Ware cookware division to CCC Colombian Home Products earlier this year.
Net sales were adjusted to exclude net sales of $25.9 million from the Granite Ware business sold in March 1998.
The deeper loss was related to a pretax charge taken on the sale of the company's Granite Ware business.
has exited the cookware business, selling its Granite Ware operation to Columbian Home Products LLC, a new company operated by industry veteran D.R.
Paul Saxton, chairman, president and chief executive of GHC has disclosed that in addition to building the company's existing brands, which include OXO, Chicago Cutlery, Granite Ware and Olfa, the cutting tools division, GHC plans to grow by developing new divisions.
Upscale kitchen tool and gadget manufacturer OXO accounts for roughly 30 percent, while Granite Ware, the porcelain-on-enamel cookware division, is "roughly 10 percent," according to Paul Saxton, chairman, president and chief executive of GHC.