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Adj.1.granitelike - hard as granite; "a granitic fist"
hard - resisting weight or pressure
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Sean Morrison and Bruno Manga had Gonzalo Higuain where they wanted him, Lee Peltier was granitelike in restricting first Willian and then Eden Hazard, while Aron Gunnarsson's control of the area in front of the back four was sublime.
They sometimes resemble a soft paste that can be modeled like clay; at other times they resemble a granitelike material that can only be carved.
Their sombre, granitelike features were inscrutable.
An eco-friendly building where a NutriBee program was hosted had a beautiful granitelike countertop.
The north zone is formed with eruptive and metamorphic rocks (crystalline and granitelike schists).
The Cumbrian grafter has chiselled out a hard-earned place in a granitelike Kingston Park pack, and is not wasting time fretting about the opposition despite Lions centre Manu Tuilagi and returning pair Toby Flood and Mathew Tait venturing back to their former home.
The ancient water, trapped in thin fissures in granitelike rock, has been bubbling up from a zinc and copper mine for decades in Timmins, Ontario.